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Jennifer_Stewart Level 2


  • I have beaten this level numerous times today, but it won't move me past this level as there is a never ending scroll of candies that will not stop moving. This is getting ridiculous! This game has gotten so glitchy on all the levels that are even possible to pass without boosters or spending money.
  • I just finished level 14240 and it says more levels coming soon, so how can this contest be at 14255?
  • The second that I spent money on the game to pass a level all the bonuses went away. No more bonus spins, no more air balloon, no more videos. It's all a greedy scam to make you spend money.
  • This happened to me as well! I played the same frustration level for over a week, so I gave in and bought boosters to help beat it. The second I spent money on the game a week ago, I haven't had one video, one free booster, absolutely nothing! It's a total scam! It's so disappointing! I have played this game from the…
  • Level 12985 is absolutely impossible with only 20 moves! How is it that some people start with 30 moves? I've tried this level for a week, finally decided to Google a video of people beating it and they all start with 30 moves. This is ridiculous! I'll come back and play when it becomes the same for all players.
  • You want a screen shot of impossible, well here it is!
  • Level 12859 is impossible with 20 moves. I'm so tired of these impossible levels made to try to force you to make in game purchases! It takes all the fun out of this game.
  • Hi Jennifer, new levels are released every two weeks. This Episode (levels 1918 to 1932) came out early on PC on Monday 23rd (instead of Thu 26th Oct) For mobile the release is always later: Android devices got it Monday 30th Oct and for iOS it is due Thursday 2nd. So, if you are on PC clear your browser cache and re-load…
  • Hi guys, Thanks for your feedback for level 1779. We are always striving to create levels which are balanced between challenging and fun to play. Your feedback has been send to the Game Studio for Candy Crush Saga. Kind regards, - Mark, Team King Care I've been stuck on this level for over a week. It's no longer fun to…
  • I finally got through!
  • Also, I watched 3 Youtube videos of it, and the board is completely different than mine! WTF?

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