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Karebear Level 3


  • 12859 definitely needs more moves. So frustrating that we all have to complain about these levels to be fixed. This game is really disappointing lately.
    in 12859 How Comment by Karebear January 12
  • Completely agree, these levels like this are making this game miserable. I've been playing for so long that I hate to quit but I am getting closer and closer.
    in 12859 How Comment by Karebear January 12
  • I also agree! It's getting very frustrating that I have to come here and complain so that I can pass a level. Stop making these levels with high amounts of moves and then cutting them by sometimes more than half the moves. I saw this level on youtube with 45 moves and now 20??? Totally ridiculous.
  • Level 12787 only has 20 moves and seems impossible. I cannot even clear a third of the board. This definitely needs some more moves, the youtube video I watched had 45 moves and started with striped fish? Why do you change things so much? I mean even taking it down to 35 moves would have been okay, but 20? Just not enough.…
  • I can't even get close on this level. Candy Crush just keeps getting worse and worse lately. The levels went from challenging to where I would sit, play and enjoy. Now I have been constantly having to purchase boosters and gold bars. I just can't anymore. This level needs to be adjusted. 20 moves are just not enough, and…
  • Thank you but I have watched videos and unless I get the same miracle double color bombs, I’ll probably still be struggling. Appreciate your response though.
  • The problem has not been fixed for me, checked for updates and still cannot play and pass. This is on Windows, Iphone and normal browser. So weird that some people can play but others cannot.
  • This level is impossible. With so many people complaining, why hasn't it been fixed yet? I used gold bars to try and pass not knowing at first that you had to use so many boosters. What a joke and a waste of my gold bars. SO frustrating!
  • I have been stuck on level 10542 for some time. Used most of my boosters, have been playing on multiple devices, and still cannot even get close. This level is so frustrating and needs more moves or some kind of tweak! I spent all my gold boosters, so I am stuck there too. I refuse to continue buying gift cards to pass…
  • @kiara_wael How is that level starting with two fish? I have never seen that happen before Also, I have tried using multiple boosters and still impossible. Plus, this person used five extra moves. So, this really isn't beating the level with 20 moves. Thanks for trying to help though. I will visit the link you shared.…
  • I am playing this level on three different devices and they all have 26 moves. Facebook included. I am not sure why they try to make these levels impossible but its getting frustrating having to complain about these levels that require boosters to pass. I have tried using many boosters as well and I still haven't even…
  • Still can’t pass this level. I mean I haven’t even gotten close to the licorice and haven’t cleared the skull thingy either. I’ve used all my boosters, and it’s just sooooo annoying! Ugh!!!!
  • Will this level ever get fixed?? I mean I am not even getting close and I am playing on four different devices. Ridiculous!!!!!!!
  • This level is very frustrating, I cannot even get to the skull! I watched videos and they all have 40 moves. What the heck??? I don't mind hard levels, but when they feel impossible and I use up all my boosters and it doesn't even help, it's super frustrating.
    in 9079 Comment by Karebear April 2021
  • They said they modified this level but the only thing I see modified are the amount of moves. There are less! I can understand making it challenging, but this is near impossible. Very frustrating. I cannot even get close.
  • Thank you for the video but I know what to do. I have tried over and over and can’t even get close because by the time I get everything unlocked I just don’t have enough moves to get the cherries where they need to go. Would be nice I I got a lucky board like that one. Ugh.
  • I'm so sorry that it's not fixed for all. SO frustrating!
  • Oh wow I now have 30 moves and only need 50 orange, 66 blue and 80 licorice. That's on my iPhone.
  • Same issue here McDavish, cannot make one move to pass the level. I've seen others complain as well.

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