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Lynette Pet Rescue Moderator


  • Hi @Boofle what you are experiencing is a computer game problem - everyone who uses a computer to play has the same. The new game level menu is not working in this version of the game. King are working on a fix but it is proving difficult and taking a long time 😕 If you are able to play temporarily on a mobile app you will…
  • Hi @JoieDee Some levels can take several days to pass 😕 I did, sort of, have a stratergy for this one. It was to try and drop the balloons one color at a time alternating between blue and didn't always work, but I did finally manage to pass without using any boosters or extra moves. Of course, if you have…
  • Hi again @GRACIAMarie To get them you need to be at least 10 levels before the end of the game on any Wednesday (when they are released weekly) because the three Panda gift rewards take up ten levels. If you are one of those players who is always at the end of the game then you will not get them in your game at all. May be…
    in GIFT Comment by Lynette March 29
  • Hi @4ddreamscape I know some players have passed it, but they are ones who use a lot of boosters and gold. I'm not quite at this level myself, but will look at it and see if I can help. In my opinion, many levels in this past episode are ridiculously hard 🙁
    in 6245 Comment by Lynette March 29
  • Hi @GRACIAMarie you only get the Panda's gifts when you play the level they are on. It looks like you played these levels before the 'Panda party' started, or on a different device that does not have the same event.
    in GIFT Comment by Lynette March 29
  • Hi @joelcool It sounds like you are playing the computer version of the game. Unfortunately the new level menu is not working in this version of the game 😕 King are aware of the issue and working on a fix. If you are able, it might be better to play on a mobile device untl this problem is solved.
  • yay!! I'm glad you finally passed it!!
  • Boosters and lives are saved on the game version you are playing, but your progress and gold should be in any version of the game you use. May be just try the one level on facebook and see if it still crashes?
  • Unfortunately the map is a seperate issue that all computer players are experiencing 😣 King are trying to fix this, but it's taking time 😕 Are you able to play the game via a different source than the Win10 app? Do you have facebook (which is still the computer version of the game so has a non-working level menu) or are…
  • This level starts with many bombs that go off after the first move. On older devices, or ones with not much room left, a lot of graphics (like bombs exploding) can crash the game. I have an old device and it happens to me sometimes 😕 Try, like @Lady_Choo has suggested above, clearing your computers cache and the browsers…

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