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Muppetkiller82 Newbie


  • ewwwwww weeeeee 11776 is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me
  • 11473 same here. I thought I beat it and then saw that I had to destroy the center thing. But it’s licorice blocked. And the booster of fish stopped coming when I had five lives left. On the last move a fish dropped but I didnt have any moves. Of it wasn’t for the 10 coins for 5 more moves, it would have been a waste.…
  • For a few days, now, the sugar drop feature isn’t working. Not sure if this is the correct name. It’s the thing where you collect 24, 36, 24, 60 and you get a prize at the end of each cycle. ummmmm, I’m stuck on a level and don’t have the money right now to buy some boosters. so when might that feature find itself back in…

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