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TwinklyJules Level 2


  • I think some people are confusing us ... I’m not sure anyone’s got their boosters back properly ... yesterday I got a normal lollipop hammer along with two timed boosters. I think king are giving some non timed boosters in with the timed ones to placate us. (Slim pickings though !)
  • I wish your theory was right! ....I have had timed sugar drops since the nonsense began and I STILL have timed sugar drops 😕 I play on iPad and I got really excited this morning reading that people said their regular boosters were back but I’ve even updated my apps in the App Store to see if it makes any difference being…
  • GRrrrrr!! I have just been “gifted” yet another timed booster for my sugar drops when I have ZERO lives left. It’s bad enough that they’ve introduced the timed boosters and taken away the old ones but it’s a crazy bad design that everyone seems to receive them with no lives?! Something has surely gone wrong here with the…
  • I totally agree about the positive reinforcement comment I posted previously - the main element to feed any addiction is reward ! ...this has been taken away. I haven’t been able to use any times boosters since they started the nonsense as my time has always run out when I receive them ....bonkers!!
  • Like many other players I have been playing for years .... I am so disappointed that the sugar drops have changed to timed boosters ! - Of course this is an effort to make people to pay for boosters (and I must admit that I do very occasionally although I try not to too often and prefer to earn them) and that is ofcourse…

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