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candyreb Level 2


  • King clearly don’t care about customer enjoyment anymore. Building candies and collecting sugar drops was an incentive to play. A very dull game now and not relaxing at all. I won’t spend a penny to play that’s for sure- even if a level takes months to complete. Your players won’t forget- decide these changes hopping that…
  • I’m hardly bothering to play now. Without being able to play previous levels and build boosters, it’s impossible. No worries King, I needed a new hobby anyway. Have it your way- but you’ll lose players
  • I’ve sadly deleted the game and I was on Level 4460. the bot has ruined the game and I no longer enjoyed it. Shame on you King. I’m sure other long term players have done the same.
  • What on earth is this build a bot rubbish!! So now I can’t build up on previous levels to get through the hard ones. If this doesn’t change I’m seriously deleting the game. Some of the levels are hard enough with boosters. I’ll give them a week and I’m GONE 
  • I managed it in the end but it took over a week 😭. Ridiculously hard level. Why have fish when the my can’t stop the spinners! Thankfully only one spinner needed to go on to next level -very poorly designed level. It did my head in! 🤯🤯
  • A ridiculously hard level! I’ve been on this level for over a week and no closer to completing it. The ‘question mark’ boosters you can add just changes to a different colours, the fish don’t stop the spinners. frustrated and close to deleting the whole game 😡

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