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doll2002 Level 2


  • I'm seriously considering not downloading this game when I activate my new phone. I can and will find better things to do with my time than playing levels over and over again.
  • This level is ridiculous. I've wasted time, gold bars, and boosters and I'm still stuck on this level. I was down to 1 jelly and guess what no boosters. Was I tempted to buy boosters? No I'll keep my money. Same on the developers for stacking a level like this.
  • Level 12365 is another one with only 20 moves. Is that King's magic number because a lot of levels have been reduced to that. The fish are useless. They do not hit any of the horrific blockers in your way. Why add them I may ask? To try and force players to buy boosters. That strategy doesn't work for me.
  • Another ridiculous level with not enough moves and too many blockers. No gold bars or boosters. I'm stuck until King decides to let me pass because I refuse to give them my money to play a game.
  • Another boring and impossible level with 20 moves. I'm not coming close to completing it. A waste of time to even try.
  • I just watched a video for this level completed a week ago with the extra 35 moves available. It took all of the extra moves for a total of 61 moves to complete this leve, and we are supposed to pass it the 26 given by King? I think not.
  • I thought 12028 was horrible. It took 31 of the 35 extra moves, my last UFO, and a lollipop to pass it. 12031 is just as bad. I'm so tired of the same type of levels. Boring boring game developers.
  • All of these levels are totally ridiculous. Money grabber is all I can say. Please stop the madness. Games are supposed to be fun. This one used to be. Please fix this level.
    in 11869 Comment by doll2002 June 2022
  • Another level with a lot of blockers that keeps you from beating the level. Players shouldn't have to bring this to the developers attention but it's done in an attempt to get players to pay to pass these horrific levels. Fix this level please.
    in 11867 Comment by doll2002 June 2022
  • Another level that King have reduced moves in order to entice players to spend money to get those moves back. Sorry King I'll keep my hard earned money. Order is 55 yellow candies in 18 moves but you have to clear all the blockers to get to the yellow candies. By that time moves are gone.

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