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dopje Level 2


  • Yes, it's not normal anymore. Really far from fun with all those unattainable levels.
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    in How. Comment by dopje April 19
  • Yes, completely agree. There are more impossible levels than feasible levels. Can only be played with gold bars. It's boring with all those impossible levels. You stay stuck at the same level for days. Levels are packed with blockers, making it impossible to achieve. Her fun is gone.
  • Why would I do that. It has been reported so many times and it is getting worse and worse. level 15496 is impossible to reach. Cost a lot of boosters and can only be done with gold bars. If you don't have one, you can't continue for days, you won't win an episode again, even if you were way ahead, you'll be stuck for days,…
  • Yes, but that is occasionally and even with those few moves and sometimes a eufo, it is impossible to clear the levels that are so overcrowded with blockers. The game is far from fun, a major annoyance and you no longer get gold bars. You can't win anything this way anymore.
  • Share your feedback 15231 -15275 It makes no sense, nothing will change anyway
  • So boring and frustrating that you have to play levels so often, knowing that it really isn't possible without 50 or even 100 moves with gold bars. Competitions are also impossible. Candy crew just annoying and it goes on and on.
  • Even better is adjust the levels so that the levels are achievable. 12 of the 15 levels in a session are impossible without gold bars.
  • Candy Crush is also far from a fun game. Impossible levels and competitions, even boosters do not do their work. If you use a eufo, it will plop into a useless field. If you get an impossible level full of blockers, they also add 6 mixers that you cannot reach. Keys that you have to get before you can carry out assignments…
  • What do you mean some levels, most levels are impossible without gold bars
  • Unfortunately, many levels made even more difficult after 15000 are simply impossible. Ultimately, after many days of playing, you can pass a level with extra gold bars. The competitions are impossible so really useless. Using boosters makes little sense. Fish often cause more damage than is nice. You hardly get a double…
  • 15139 There is no way you can get through the lower layers. The lower layers are completely blocked. Session doesn't have that many boosters left and gold bars don't cost normally anymore
  • Yes, the competitions are not feasible, even annoying like the candy crew. You mainly get butterflies in impossible levels. Candy box only for 5 minutes, if you use a temporary booster, you need to use a UFO or party mixer. and so it goes on. The pointless competitions are also not normal
  • I have already asked that question. I didn't get the 40 gold bars either. They may have to wait a few days. has also been there.
  • That is no longer possible, I had the candy box full and was supposed to receive boosters, but I did not receive a new empty box. So weird.
  • 14940 That's what I mean
    in WHY Comment by dopje October 2023
  • 14916-14940 Many levels impossible without gold bars. And then you have to play the levels so many times until you get 80 to 100 extra moves. Even levels that are not indicated as difficult are not feasible and are full of blockers that are impossible to get through, such as level 14940. Even with a double color bomb, no…
    in WHY Comment by dopje October 2023
  • Previously I only saw my friends, so it's strange that I now see other players all at once.
  • levels are simply made impossible

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