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insouciance Level 2


  • @Freddy_ My app is up to date. Isn't not getting ad a good thing? Lol. Why is it a test feature if they put it up officially as a feature? Or how long they want to test if it has already been a feature for a long time? Cannot be all the features suddenly disappeared at once. Feels so empty playing it now
  • @Freddy_ Thank you for your information. However does it make sense to avail it to certain players only? I had that win streak then it is gone along with other features like chocolate box and diamond trophy. Moreover they just wiped out all my items for no reason. Doesnt seem like Candy Crush wish players to keep playing..
  • Oh lol. So it seems that the candy crush saga moderators are not working since they did not ask for my info like you did..
  • Hi @Lady_Sarina, I am playing on my phone Samsung Galaxy S21+ Ultra all this while and had not issue but this happened. Where do I find my player ID? As you can see, many of the features are missing including the candy necklace, the chocolate box, the diamond trophy etc.
  • My necklace disappeared too with a 500+ streak gone. Terrible gameplay by King without having it fixed. Seems like some people have gone without it for 2 weeks? Don't know what are the developers doing
  • Yes no necklace for me too it seems. Weird that they decide to remove this for some players. 2 weeks for you? That's terrible! I'm not gonna play till they fix this
  • Yes it seems that you are not the only one. How disappointing for Candycrush to be like this
  • So is it affecting only certain players? Cause mine was fine yesterday but then suddenly it disappeared
  • Is that what it is called? Candy necklace? Lol. Didn't know that. But yes, that feature suddenly disappeared. Not going to play until it gets fixed
  • Just to give you an example, from level 1500-2000 that I just did, level 1512, 1517, 1518, 1519, 1544, 1567, 1572, 1586, 1591, 1593, 1595, 1612, 1616, 1618, 1620, 1623, 1657, 1780, 1848, 1931, 1949, 1952, 1960, 1964, 1969, 1994 are all bugged without giving the gold mark even though I cleared it first try. So you can…
  • Because not many people bother with getting all golden marks. Some may not even notice since they don't get the diamond crown most of the time. I would say the people who would notice are those on a winning streak and those that play enough to bother commenting on this thread. So it's definitely common by my standards…
  • This is a common occurrence and we just have to accept it. My winning streak was 500 but I have quite a number of levels without the golden crown. Just have to suck thumb and play on because I don't think they will be fixing it
  • Coca Cola, It's coke all day long. It's a classic!
  • I have a win streak over 700 but lost it due to the app crashing. Ridiculous

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