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julienoolie Newbie


  • Totally agree with everything that has been said. I even looked on Youtube and it can't be done. This has not been thought through. The least chocolate I have ended the game with is 28 and no booster on the planet is going to solve this one. It's a glitch and needs sorted out
  • The Build a Bot was a way to increase boosters on levels that I had passed. It was a really good incentive to gain boosters for the more difficult levels. I'm not into playing difficult levels for ages based on pure luck and I do not want to spend a load of money buying boosters. This has ruined the game. I've been playing…
  • Totally Agree. I'm really not happy that this has been taken away but not for everyone, my friend still has hers. I've suggested she doesn't update her game. In the meantime I'm no longer playing

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