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ltod2 Newbie


  • Hi I am Lauren and I do love Candy Crush! I am new. I wish I could live or even visit places like Spain or Singapore, but I am grown in Indiana. I have lived also in Florida and North Carolina, but I returned to Indiana eleven or so years ago. I have plenty of housework and chores, I am more than happy to share with…
  • Hello from Indiana! I'm glad I can belong here and chat in a neat space. I am excited to find this out and to be here contributing. Nice to meet you; thank you for having me. I enjoy cooking. Gardening. And listening to learn. 🌎💯
  • I think an upstanding or upright popsicle platypus with the signature Bill of the animal would be very fetching and also quite unique. Fondly, I can envision this character growing on the other players of this game as well as I found myself endeared by the idea of it. Thank you for your consideration. 🙋 This character…

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