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parlady99 Level 3


  • Definitely not enough moves to pass this level without boosters or extra moves. All videos have many more moves or use boosters. Not even called a hard level. If course, it is not hard, it is impossible.
    in Level 15685 Comment by parlady99 8:15PM
  • 15658 is just one more level in the latest line that one must have boosters or extra moves to complete. Fortunately right now I have some extra moves so sooner or later I will be able to complete this level and a couple more; but as soon as my moves are gone, I am out of here. Buying boosters and extra moves are not in my…
  • In total agreement with all about level 15547. There is definitely no way to pass this level with the number of moves given without boosters or extra moves. I also see no response from Candy Crush about this level being unfair. I guess all they care about is making people but boosters. As others have said, shame on them.
    in 15547 Comment by parlady99 June 26
  • Still stuck on this level and have not even come close. I again want to say that this level is impossible with the number of moves it now has unless you have lots of boosters and extra moves. Candy Crush needs to read the comments and add moves.
    in Level 15502 Comment by parlady99 June 17
  • Totally agree with everything that has been said. Completely impossible without lots of boosters. Hope Candy Crush makes comments on this level and how it will changed.
    in Level 15502 Comment by parlady99 June 14
  • Totally agree with Helen that this level is impossible without help. If the level designers are actually keeping an eye on it, they will see it is impossible without help.
  • Not that it helps me to pass but is it good to know I am not alone. Impossible without help as ever video shows.
    in Level 15352 Comment by parlady99 May 29
  • Just adding my two cents to this impossible level. How can you possibly get enough red candies to clear the dragons when there are not enough red candies falling. All we ask for is a fighting chance to pass.
    in 15265 ???? Comment by parlady99 May 22
  • Just adding my two cents to this impossible level. How can you get enough red candies when they are not there in the amount needed to clear the dragons. Even with boosters it is hard to complete since not enough red candies.
    in 15265 ???? Comment by parlady99 May 22
  • Totally agree!!!!!!! Another level that needs help to pass.
  • The gold bar growbot is a joke. It only helps those that have lots of gold bars to begin with. There are many more that would love to be able to get some gold bars to help us pass some of the very difficult levels. When there are gold bars in the episode race at least one of the task involves boosters that we don't have or…
  • I understand how the growbot works and basically it is a joke. How can I grow the growbot if I don't have gold bars to begin with. It seems that this tool only helps those that already have gold bars. What a lot of need is a way to get gold bars to use to help us pass the very difficult levels.
  • It would be nice to see all the options in the chocolate box as we could before the change. Once you pass a choice to see the others, it is too late to go back. Choices might be helpful especially on a box that has the valued gold bars. Of course, the choice for gold bars is almost impossible for most of us. How can we…
  • I don't know how some players get so many boosters especially the party booster. When you watch the videos, all the players passed using boosters. The rest of us just keep playing until we get that lucky board or we quit. Definitely not enough moves.
  • I totally agree about many, many levels after 14000 are almost impossible without boosters. I love your idea about getting rewarded for playing the same level for 100 times in a 24 hour period. Shame it won't happen. We just have to keep playing until King decides to give us that lucky board.
    in Level 15085 Comment by parlady99 May 1
  • After 5 days of working on 15082, I finally got the lucky board.
  • I am still looking for help on level 15082. Can't believe no one else has posted about this level and how impossible it is without boosters. I am on day 4 and have not come close so I will wait for that lucky board or quit whichever comes first.
  • Add level 15082 to the list of levels that are very difficult without aids and no posts about its difficulty.
  • Don't mean to be negative but all the help we get is videos that use boosters to pass these impossible levels. Those of us that don't have boosters just hang around until Candy Crush finally gives a lucky board. King has taken the fun out of the game.
    in 15076 ??? Comment by parlady99 April 21
  • I agree with you about not having enough moves. It takes too many moves to clear the keys which doesn't leave enough to pass this level. I also agree that 15068 is not easy as labeled but should be labeled hard.

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