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seema22 Level 2


  • Thank you so much for your advice. Did the needful. Now daily treat machine has vanished 😀
  • @kareb , so sorry that it has not been fixed at your end. I too was suffering from the past more than 10 days. Lost money and goodies as well. But suddenly, it never asked to break the protected one and I cleared. I thought, they have rectified the problem.
  • Guys the problem has been fixed. Cleared the level without having to break the secured one. Finally
  • Guys, the problem has been fixed. I cleared the level without breaking the secured one. Finally
  • Level 11473 has error. How can candy crush afford to do this with its dedicated players. Too bad . We have reached here after lot of hard work and time and dedication to the game.
  • Hi everyone, I am Seema from India. mother of two grown up kids. Have completed all the levels of the game and waiting for more 😊. You can ask for any tips for completing the levels

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