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Blinda Newbie

Fantastic Five: Either fix it or get rid of it!  Surely, your technology knows who is a current player and who is not! I tried removing myself for a few days and hoped to get reassigned when I turned the feature back on, but nope! Same  team players. I Crush on 3 different devices and I am with 3 DIFFERENT teams. Shouldn't my grouping be the same across the board if I am logged in to the same FB account????  Plus, in one of the team groupings that you have "assigned" me to, I am not even one of the members! Yet there is an "empty slot", scoring-you guessed it- ZERO points. The other 4 members that are there, are doing little to nothing!  How about, LET US pick who we want on our team??? Or just come up with something else, because this is just dumb, as it is.


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