Division Tournament Issue

I have ran into an issue while playing in a division tournament. I am unable to rank up as fast as other people in the tournament because I have beaten the game at level 2755 and have no new levels to play, until they are released. In order to rank up in the tournament, I have to replay old levels which only give 1x bonus instead of 10x with new levels. Using booster candies, even with old levels, is not an efficient way to collect needed characters for the tournament. This issue has come up many times while competing in the past, however, I was able to play Bubblegum Hill to help keep me in the running for each tournament. Now that there's a new one time reign per day rule with Bubblegum Hill, this also thwarts my tournament progress. 

I feel like something needs to change. Players should be rewarded for beating the game, not punished. 


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