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🎪🎠 Carnival Season in Candy Crush Soda is here!

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The grand Fizzy Carnival is about to take place in Candy Town. But DJ Misty, the parade’s DJ, jumbles her vinyls and mixes up the soundtrack.

Now it's up to you to fix the tunes before the party starts! 🎉🤹‍♂️🎭

This Carnival Season will feature a new interactive Diorama and a completely new Soda feature called Grow-A-Bear! 🧸✨

🧸✨ What is Grow-A-Bear?

Grow-a-bear is Soda’s brand new game feature, where players will be able to feed, grow, play and interact with our lovely Soda bears!

  1. 🧸 Tap and open the box to get your Soda bear. 
  2. 🍫 Pass a level and collect coins to get food for your bear.
  3. 💗 Feed the bear and watch them grow.
  4. 🎁 Collect a reward once it’s complete!

🎁🧸 Get the Grow-A-Bear Community Badge!

Want to commemorate the event? Make sure to participate in this thread by posting a picture of your completed Grow-A-Bear and get the Community Badge below added to your profile!



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