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🎉🥳 Celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Soda!

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May 16 is the official Global Accessibility Day, and for this year - we're celebrating big as we're adding several new settings and features to Soda, so tag along with us and let's celebrate!

(Currently these will only be available for iOS devices)

What's Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is all about making sure everyone can enjoy the digital things, such as websites, apps and games, including our favorite games like Soda! This means making sure that people who find things like seeinghearing, or moving challenging can still enjoy everything online.

Accessibility has several markers, one of them being the emoji ♿️, but also the icon below!

How is Soda celebrating accessibility?

Accessibility is something we care about at King, and we want this to be shown in our games! That's why today we're introducing several new settings and features in Soda:

👁️ New Visual Settings!

These settings we're hoping to give you more control in what's seen on the screen!

  • Precision Help: Gives you a magnifier to show which Candy you're about to move!
  • Remove Hints: We know many have been asking for this! Now you have the ability to turn off when candies are moving to show suggestions of what to do.

👂 New Audio Settings!

Instead of only being able to turn on and off music and sound effects - you can now control these individually to your liking!

  • Music & Sound Effects Slider: Adjust to get the perfect balance of sounds for you!
  • Mono Audio: Make the audio play the same in all speakers.
  • Balance: Adjust if the audio should be playing more in one side of the speakers.
  • Bass Control: Adjust the level of deep pitched sounds.
  • Reduce High Frequencies: Adjust the level of the higher pitched sounds.

At King, we believe gaming is for everyone. That’s why we’re rolling out new accessibility features to make our games even more inclusive. It’s our way of ensuring that everyone can join in on the fun and adventure. So, let’s celebrate GAAD together by welcoming these updates with open arms and continuing to create a community where everyone feels at home. 🌈🕹️

What can I do to celebrate?

  1. Let us and the developers know in the comments what you think of these settings and how you'll be celebrating the day to earn a badge!
  2. Head over to the thread in the Hub for a chance to win 25 gold bars! Join here!



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