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    Yeah that creepy Mona lisa has no eyebrows.😌

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    Pigs Don't Sweat

    If someone tells you they're "sweating like a pig" you might want to point out to them (if you're that sort of person) that if they were being biologically accurate, that would mean they were not sweating at all. Swine are born without sweat glands, so when they need to cool off, their only option tends to be to find a cool puddle of mud in which they can roll around.

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    Hello Friends

    im sure that 99% from you faced same situation right????

    You are smiling right!!!

    I knew it, hahaahhaahh

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    Loving this thread, great idea, thanks @Nix66!

    There's a LEGO bridge in Germany that you can walk across.

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    For 20 years, a cat served as mayor of an Alaskan town.

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    Ha-ha, who knew??? LOL!!!

    Squirrels are behind most power outages in the U.S.

    The American Public Power Association (APPA) says that squirrels are the most frequent cause of power outages in the U.S. The APPA even developed a data tracker called "The Squirrel Index" that analyzes the patterns and timing of squirrels' impact on electrical power systems. Turns out, the peak times of the year for squirrel attacks are from May to June and October to November.

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    Well my contribution is going to be the facts of how Tiffi and Kimmy fell into the Candy Kingdom. The Soda studio gave me all the trivia and I created the The Candy Crush Chronicles. Are you ready? Let's go.....................

    Once upon a time … there was this old, vintage, rickety house filled to the brim with old vintage rickety things. 

    Tilde who lives in this old rickety house occupies the top floor. On the ground floor is her antique shop “Tilde’s Trove”. The store is filled with a fascinating collection of lamps, toys, magazines, old furniture, old-time soda machines and vintage board games. Yes, Aunt Tilde is a collector. 

    One day, she finds herself collecting her two nieces, Kimmy and Tiffi, now orphans who need a new home. Sadly, but hopefully, she takes them in to live with her in her old rickety vintage house above her antique shop. 

    From all of her most valuable vintage collections, her most prized possession is a forbidden collection of vintage board games which she has piled up from floor to ceiling.   There is the classic Yeti Trap, the collectible Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, the rare La Pesca Magica, and of course a prized copy of the beloved standard, Candy Kingdom. 

    One Christmas eve, Tiffi huddles under her blanket with a flashlight waiting to catch Santa Claus in the act. She hears a strange noise coming from the shop. She sneaks downstairs to find out what that noise could be. She sees the old Candy Kingdom box glowing faintly with a buzz of electrical energy. Naturally she does what she has been told one thousand times not to do.

    She opens the box ….. and falls ………….. right in …………………

    Kimmy hears the ruckus from upstairs, so she goes to look for her sister, but she can’t find her anywhere.

    She goes downstairs, not there. What she does find is the neatly arranged stack of board games completely scrambled and messy. Knowing that her and Tiffi are not allowed to play near Aunt Tilde’s most prized possession she tries her best to clean up the mess.

    Things take a turn for the worse when, out of the corner of her eye, she sees an old Soda machine in the corner starting to tip over.


    As the machine hits the floor, a bright light starts to shine from the Candy Kingdom box, and Kimmy falls …….. right ……… in………….

    The tipped over soda machine in Tilde’s attic is what causes the Sodapocalypse, but in the Kingdom Tiffi is getting blamed for it. Kimmy sets out on a journey to find her sister, and to set things right.

    When Kimmy follows her sister Tiffi into the Candy Kingdom, she lands right in the middle of the Candy Town Plaza Fountain. She’s greeted by a panicked (and soda splashed) Mr. Toffee who simply cannot believe his eyes – first one human girl arrives, and now a second one? Absolute Chaos! 

    While drying up, Kimmy learns that 1) Her sister Tiffi was here, and that 2) Tiffi went “that-away”. Without hesitation, Kimmy sets out to find her missing sister in the hopes of getting them both out of this crazy place as soon as possible. Her journey through the Candy Kingdom athough will not be as short as she first assumes, when Kimmy realizes that it was she who accidentally caused the Sodapocalypse, she swears to stay in the Candy Kingdom and help Mr. Toffee set things right away. 

    Kimmy travels across the many lands of the Candy Kingdom – from the highest Chocolate Mountains to the deepest Marshmallow Mines – slowly putting pieces together, with the help of a diverse array of characters and creatures, of what this kooky world is all about. 

    She meets new friends, villains, and caring mentors. As time passes, both Kimmy and Tiffi start viewing the Candy Kingdom as their home, as the place where they belong.

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    A human can swim through a Blue Whale's veins

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    A Crocodile cannot stick his tongue out

    Thanks for the tag @Nix66

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    When Andre The Giant went out drinking in New York City police officers followed him around to make sure he didn't get drunk and fall on anyone.

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    Fun Fact: When you eat pineapples, they try to eat you back.

    Just so you know, the next time you’re eating a pineapple, its actually eating you back. That’s why your mouth feels tingly and itchy after eating it. The reason why pineapple has a taste for human flesh is that it has an enzyme known as bromelain, which digests protein. And since your body is made of proteins, the pineapples you eat are also trying to digest you, starting with your tongue and the roof of your mouth. But don’t worry, once you swallow the pineapple, the acids in your stomach destroy the enzymes.

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    Ahaha I just learned that 👠high heels 👠 were originally invented for men!

    Say what?! 🤣😂

    Yeah, they were originally intended for men to wear in the 10th Century (short man syndrome 🤷🏻‍♀️ perhaps) and it wasn’t until the 18th Century that more women than men were wearing them. 😆

    Yo @Nck check out this funny fact of the day! 💕😛💕

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