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🥤Meet the player- Ieta

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Hello Sodalicious people! 

What an amazing birthday we are celebrating! Let's keep introducing you to more players!

Meet today our Sodalicious Ieta, @istuff for the Community! 

🎤 What level you are at? 

I am currently on level 1841, with no plans of stopping any time soon..

🎤 How long have you been playing Candy Crush Soda?

I have been playing for around a year & 1/2. At first, it was off and on, till I was having system issues. Then with the purchase of my new computer, I have been a daily player.

🎤 Where are you playing from? 

I resigned from Tennessee, but I'm actually playing from my heart and soul.

🎤What’s the best thing for you about Soda? 

The Candy Crush Soda Saga community are who makes the game enjoyable to play with. In addition to the ability to achieve boosters with more frequency, makes challenging myself to level up, even more, rewarding and satisfying.

🎤 What’s your Fav booster?

Levels are all unique with their own features and designs and the highly graphic characters are enjoyable to watch when I complete a level. This always makes my heart happy inside. The coloring candy is my fav booster with its rainbow-like explosion brightening up my computer screen.

🎤 What do you prefer Kimmy or Yeti? 

 Kimmy...Yeti....Kimmy...Yeti...Yeti is MY Besty!!!!

🎤 What do you prefer BGH or Bear Brawl? 

I can see that BGH and Bear Brawl challenges can be fun, But, I am a peaceful player, would rather see my friends on the map moving up levels.

🎤What do you prefer Soda bottles or Gummy bears? 

Hmmm...This is a tough one. But if I need to choose between Soda Bottles and Gummy Bears, the bubbling bubbles from the soda bottles make me all warm and fizzy inside.

If you want to know more about @istuff free to ask her any questions below! 👇️

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