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πŸ’” Which feature do you hate the most?



  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,382 Level 5
    The Weekly Race

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond_Lim

    The weekly race and win the race, the prizes are 5,3,1 gold for the first three places, it does not help players much in the high levels, some levels are difficult to spend gold.

    Batula / Treasure hunt: I still don't have it to give my opinion.

    Kimmy's Arcade disappeared from my game, it helped get in-game power-ups but then made it harder.

    The Noble Path: I like it for the timed boosts, but it doesn't offer anything else, it should switch and give boosters (Lollipop Hammer,Striped Lollipop Hammer,Free Switch) are scarce in the game to get.

  • ejurjane
    ejurjane Posts: 67 Level 2
    4 in a row

    I don't really hate 4 in a row, the rewards are actually not bad, but I don't like to stuck on one board. Some players that I've met in 4 in a row don't usually do tasks, and if I need a power-up it takes too long to get it in 4 in a row.

  • KCullen127
    KCullen127 Posts: 6,056 Pro Player 👑
    The Weekly Race

    I only won a few times and the bad part about this race, I have to continue playing to win the race. Even when I continue playing, the other players are way ahead of me.

  • hechicerilla
    hechicerilla Posts: 10,353 Legend

    I don't hate any features. I like them all

  • criscount
    criscount Posts: 403 Pro Player 👑
    The Weekly Race

    I am often at the bottom of the weekly race because I only have a handful of randomly picked friends who do not give lives grr.This results in limited gameplay . A few times I 've had a lucky streak and kicked their buttons though, lol. But alas, that is few and far between. πŸ˜•

  • batman27
    batman27 Posts: 111 Level 3
    The Weekly Race

    I voted for weekly race because I never win. That's no fun.

  • DiduXD
    DiduXD Posts: 107 Level 2
    Batula / Treasure Hunt

    Batula solely because of the random 24 hour hunts that block people who don't want to use the Wonderball feature. Only "bad" thing about 4 In a Row is the fact you no longer get random matches over simply playing.

  • pillow6
    pillow6 Posts: 1,086 Level 5
    The Weekly Race

    I only pass quiet few levels a day, that's why i hate weekly race.

  • Calamity_Coyote
    Calamity_Coyote Posts: 115 Level 3
    Kimmy's Arcade

    Their are several that I am not a fan of, but I guess I have to say I hate Kimmy's Arcade the most. I just don't like how it's an all or nothing win kind of thing and I hardly every completed all levels to win. So I just don't play anymore.

    I also gave up on Weekly Race. When it was a race between just my friends on Facebook, I would put some effort in to this. However, when it switched to random people who I don't even know and somehow manage to jump WAY up on levels all at once, I just don't see it happening.

    My biggest issue with ALL of these events is the constant reminder pop-ups. Like you can't see all of these events on the main screen. I know my memory is going with age, but I don't need you to remind me of ALL of them in between each level or after each failure to complete a level. I REALLY wish they would add some kind of "Turn off notifications" check box on these pop up messages.

    I also absolutely agree with @Lemurtek, having to spend gold bars to win an event or using actual cash to open a piggy bank to get bars you already won? No thanks.

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