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4 in a row

Louise048 Posts: 2 Newbie

Anyone else having this problem? This is annoying me so much at the mo. Been on the same game for DAYS. There's just one square left to do in a row and the same player has been on it for days with no progress. If you've picked a square and you're struggling to complete it, cancel it and do a different square so someone else has a chance to complete it. Everyone else has given up trying any other squares leaving me to do all the other squares but of course all the other rows have the sucky squares that are hard to do. If a row hasn't been completed in say 48 or 72 hrs then surely you can leave that round and look for another one? All this player has to do is combine a fish and a wrapped candy


  • Calamity_Coyote
    Calamity_Coyote Posts: 113 Level 3

    Happens all the time. Multiple threads about same subject. I often take three-four days to finally complete a row by myself. Often getting blocked on two other directions I initiated by both other players so I end up having to complete a third row. Even back when it was Mr Toffee and you could send pre-programmed messages, they still wouldn't budge. Some people pick a tile and then don't play for days. It has been suggested multiple times that their needs to be a time limit on these tiles to automatically boot a player if no progress is done within 24 hrs.

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