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Is there an active team out there?

Hi I play daily and am having trouble looking for an active team to join. Can your team be mine?

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  • teasir
    teasir Posts: 4,567 Level 4
    Answer ✓

    There are lots, however, some of the best are already full. In my opinion, with most games, players get burnt out and stop playing. There is no guarantee for a constant active team. Here are two suggestions of teams I have played on recently:

    ID, 297551545 ; Toffee Sheep

    and ID 304092771; Polite House. i

    I hope this helps. Happy team 🛒

  • Stranga
    Stranga Posts: 8 Level 2
    Answer ✓

    We have spots open for active players. Team code 517731018


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