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What is the main reason you stop playing levels in Soda?



  • dork
    dork Posts: 2 Newbie

    I’m going to have to start over. Been trying to beat the same level for days. On level 7066

  • mono1020
    mono1020 Posts: 23 Level 2

    The main reason is I've been playing for a long time and need a break. Otherwise its similar to what's already been said: no boosters, hard levels that become irritating (esp when you lose needing 1 ONE box cleared), when fish are jerks and don't hit what you need them to.

  • hudus
    hudus Posts: 532 Level 3
    edited April 2023

    I can suggest a few solutions

    1. You could make it easier to win candy bombs in arcade game. Right now we cannot get anything unless paying by gold. 10 games to reach top prizes is almost impossible without gold.

    2. Increase the amount of the ads when a game is lost.. Currently you get max of single series of ads. There could be more to pass levels..

    3. The awards in bakery could be more such as more candy bombs in earlier layers of the cake

    You see the programmers adjusted this balance in friends saga so good. I also stuck in some levels in friends saga but its not as often as like soda. Plus you get enough amount of candy bombs and ads to pass the levels in ccfs

  • dm1
    dm1 Posts: 54 Level 2

    I normally stop for reasons expressed through out the chain...the level gets to hard to beat and I use up way too many boosters. I am finding with even the easy levels I have to use up gold bars just to get rid of the frustration of the level

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