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Bad terms and conditions

bubbal Posts: 39 Level 2
It’s our compulsion for playing candy crush soda but this game policies very dull for this people’s who download this game in Sunday morning we played this game for enjoyment and mind fresh but ur policy of super hard hard and simple stages same no different levels same game in each level not passed in one live without having fun very tuff game it’s made for fun or irritating the people very bad policy creat by u one man passed near about 200 hundred stage in same time I try my best but can’t pass more then 50  what’s reason in this difficulty you’re getting better game plan from this cheap game I written till them solve this problem 


  • ZoLOLogist
    ZoLOLogist Posts: 98 Level 2
    edited September 2023

    Not every game is meant for every person. We all come across games that we're just not the best at for one reason or another.

    But the best way to get better at any game is by playing it.

    If you want a game that is really easy and you'll never fail a level, this isn't that game. To me, the fact that it is sometimes very difficult is something I like about the game. I want a challenge.

    In the end, no one is forcing you to play the game. If you aren't having fun playing it, you should move on to something you enjoy.

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