Meet Brewmaster! (A knock knock joke can get you 20 GBs!)

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He is one of the minor characters in Candy Crush Soda Saga.  He loves to joke around with Kimmy.

Brewster:  It’s a matcha …………….


Kimmy:  It’s a matcha who?


Brewster:  Have some sweet tea and cake.   It’s a matcha made in heaven! 

These comments came directly from the game and can be viewed in the 74th episode, Cream Ceremony.

Heard any good knock knock jokes lately?  Share them here!  As an incentive, anyone who participates in the "If you could be a Soda Saga character for a day, who would you be and why?" here, I will create your character of the day saying "Knock, knock" and you can add it here. 

The player with the knock knock joke with more "Hehe" reactions at the end of July (31st of July at 12:00 CET) will get 20 Gold Bars!
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