Reward team members that pull the weight

Ktripp7Ktripp7 Posts: 4 New Bee
Trying to achieve a goal of 800 points in a soda squad is nearly impossible especially when you're the only one putting effort into the challenge and tripling the scores of the second highest scoring teammate. Why should the player contributiny a total of 18 points reep the benefits of my hard work? Make it worth while and award additional individual prizes for the high achievers. Or provide a way for us to kick that person off the team or when the goal is achieved they get a smaller reward.
I should mention that the prizes for playing over 50 levels with high scores is laughable and if it wasn't for my competitive nature I wouldn't bother playing.
Additionally what is the point of posting here if none of the creators or programmers actually listen? 
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  • subrolexsubrolex Posts: 3 New Bee
    Exactly. Even on Mr. Toffee Fair - Out of the 3 players I’m the only one that has the boxes filled and I have 1 idiot that has a square picked that could complete the Reward but he/she is just holding it. If you don’t participate and assist with earning the reward then you shouldn’t receive the award when it’s earned. We need a “BOOT” option. 
  • Spiffie02Spiffie02 Posts: 24 New Bee
    Well, don't you also want to be nice? And the programmers do listen if it's a fair and nice idea! No offense to your idea of course!😁 I think it is true but what about an option for higher scoring or more experienced players to pick there own teams? Than they could pick active players. Have a good one!😁
  • subrolexsubrolex Posts: 3 New Bee
    That would be nice to pick your own teams but they wont allow that as you could Stack your team. I play 1 game where our Captain can remove you if you're not active
  • temmietemmie Posts: 1 New Bee
    Imagine a little 5 year old trying to do a challenge but can't figure it out. Then waking up the next day and seeing they have gotten kicked off. PLEASE look at it from different perspectives . My 6 year old cousin had something happen to him like that in a different game and we came over seeing him looking sad. I played this as a kid and others will too. It would be bad for kids to be sad over a innocent game like this. Just saying...
  • Spiffie02Spiffie02 Posts: 24 New Bee
  • Ktripp7Ktripp7 Posts: 4 New Bee
    Life is full of dissapointments, the real world requires effort for reward I. fully support the idea of removing anyone, including a 6 year old, from a game if they can't help their team members out, and I have 2 young kids. Kids sheltered from dissapointment and awarded participation trophies to avoid making them "sad" are going to grow up and face a harsh reality when they realize success takes effort, it isn't just given to you. 
    If you can't stand to see a child upset because they couldn't participate in a challenge, prepare to be sad. Life requires effort, it's full of dissapointment but failing and struggling is what makes the successes in life feel so good. 
  • Spiffie02Spiffie02 Posts: 24 New Bee
    Maybe this is true for most people, but for a little kid?
  • peejaypeejay Posts: 121 Level 3
    How do I join the soda squad please @ktripp7
  • Pickles123Pickles123 Posts: 111 Level 2
    Imagine getting this excited about a game p, God help you if anything serious ever happens to you 😂😂😂
    The game’s corrupt, only the gullible and weak cant see it.
    I’ll bet you’re one of those “ultra competitive” players, who spends a small fortune playing a free game, amiright ?


  • holykiddoholykiddo Posts: 1 New Bee
    Why saying that 😔😔not every one are parfect in playing the game 😜😜😜
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