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(FINISHED) New Contest - Can you find the differences?



  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,831 Sweet Legend

    Hi @namal_butt_01 set up a brand new response but make sure to use the spoiler box otherwise it won't count. I am going to tag @Lola_Pop or @LadyRaffie who are the community managers for this game. They will delete what you wrote above tomorrow when they are back here in the community.

  • namal_butt_01
    namal_butt_01 Posts: 1,935 Level 4

    @Elsa I wrote the answer in spoiler box already ...

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,831 Sweet Legend

    You might have done it wrong because I don't see in your messages.

    To put your message into a spoiler box you need to click on the backwards "P" and then click on the quotation mark when it opens up and then click on the spoiler. Then it will be open for you to add your message.

  • namal_butt_01
    namal_butt_01 Posts: 1,935 Level 4

    thank u so much @Elsa for guiding me❤

    Lovely talking to u🥰

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,831 Sweet Legend
  • LizzyLemondrop
    LizzyLemondrop Posts: 805 Level 5

    Here is what I spotted:

    1. No key hole on the treasure chest

    2. No anchor on Yeti's sailor hat

    3. The 28 minutes are missing from the lives timer

    4. No number 1 on the golden pig

    5. No crown on the fairy's head

    6. No number of Red Candies collected from Mr. Toffee's Fair

    7. No white spot on the licorice square

    8. There is a yellow star shape missing from the sandwich cookie in front of the fairy

    9. There is also a yellow star shape missing from the sandwich cookie under the fairy

    10. Bubblegum Troll moved slightly forward

    11. No Color Bomb being held by Bubblegum Troll

  • BeckyBubblegum
    BeckyBubblegum Posts: 536 Level 5

    1) the treasure chest is missing its key hole

    2) Yeti's sailor hat is missing its anchor logo

    3) 28 minutes are missing from the lives counter

    4) the sandwich in the middle of the map next to level 2376 is missing one of its indents

    5) the piggy bank is missing the number 1 on its counter

    6) the fairy is missing her crown

    7) the licorice by the fairy's arm is missing its white center

    8) there is a missing indent on the sandwich under the licorice swirl

    9) Toffee's Fair is missing the numbers on the challenge counter

    10) King Chewy is moved slightly to the left from where he was originally standing

    11) King Chewy is no longer holding a color bomb

    Good luck all!

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 16,176 Candy Moderator

    Another fun contest. Thank you @Elsa !

    1 Chest missing keyhole

    2 Lives timer missing minutes

    3 Piggy bank missing # of GB

    4 Mr. Toffee's Fair missing # of red candies

    5 Missing white dot on black licorice next to the black spring

    6 Mattress missing 4th star/button

    7 Yeti missing anchor on his sailor hat

    8 Missing Color Bomb (near BGT)

  • Railfan2007
    Railfan2007 Posts: 43 Level 2

    I found 8 differences:

    1. Keyhole missing on chest
    2. .Crown missing on flying character (can't remember name)
    3. Anchor missing from Yeti's hat
    4. Hole "or something" is missing from right middle cookie
    5. Minutes missing from Lives clock
    6. Mr. Toffee's Fair is missing progress
    7. #1 is missing from Piggy Bank display
    8. Color Bomb is missing

    Sorry, can't find the Spoiler button on the reply window.

  • LolaBel
    LolaBel Posts: 5 Level 2

    1. Keyhole missing from treasure chest.
    2. Anchor missing from Yeti’s sailor hat.
    3. 28 minutes missing from number of lives
    4. Number 1 missing from piggy bank.
    5. Crown missing on fairy’s head.
    6. White dot missing on licorice
    7. Yellow star missing near licorice and fairy
    8. Yellow star missing between green gummy bear and level 2376.
    9. Number of red candies score missing from Mr. Toffee’s Fair.
    10. Bubblegum Troll size is different.
    11. Color Bomb missing in Bubblegum hand.

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