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Not happy with the rewards

vero123vero123 Posts: 2 New Bee
edited June 3 in Discussions

Its becoming wore day by day. I really hate to play this.. whenever passing an episode if we in the top 3 we will receive atleast 5 gold bars, and now I recieved only 1!!! This is ridiculous. I also explained about the offers that we recieved .play now option which looks like a computer. But now you have removed that option and the gold bars which is harýd to pass yet, we r doing

Either provide me all the necessary offers or I will quit this stupid game. I am just wasting time


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,043 Game Expert

    Hello and welcome to this community

    I understand your anger. Therefore I would like to send you in the area of ​​ideas. There you can vote and open something yourself. Please, when you open something, formulate it well and in detail. Then more voices could come. Before you open anything, please look at the list of ideas. Doesn't have to open something twice and then close it.

    Good luck

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