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abe_coffee Level 5

hi @Sandi-2 good questions ... congrats on getting to level 614 ... you must have some serious skills 🍮 🍮   artifacts for level 614 with extra moves ... Witch Doctor ... Mermouse ... if you need help selecting an artifact(helper) let me know ... again if you got this far without changing artifacts you have some serious skills 🍮 🍮   codices are like books ... entanglers are like vines(nice observation) 🍮 🍮   when you spread cheese ... it will spread from the cheesed area until you hit a vine ... after that there is no cheese spread(sorry, not a bug) ... again you have some serious skills to get this far 🍮 🍮   please keep asking questions ... let's try to get through this level using your extraordinary skills 🍮 🍮  


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