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Adrenaline Level 3


  • Hi everyone! @Adrenaline here! Since both our COTR Community teams 1 & 2 are full, we decided to make the brand new COTR Community team 3! Our new leader for this team is @Roan27, please contact him in if you ever feel like joining the ever growing COTR Community!
  • Hi everybody! I'm back. Check out this tread for details!
  • Everyone in the COTR Community Team Discord server, please rejoin in the new server, for our old one got somehow deleted... Me and @Joey_YouTube are currently rebuilding the whole server from scratch. You can rejoin in here:
  • Late reply; sorry. Unfortunately, I'm not the team leader of the team, @Joey_YouTube is. Also, we're currently full on my perspective, but you could ask the team leader if there's any more available slots, if you're still looking for a team.
  • Weekly Team Leaderboards Update! 📻 So far, our team still maintains the top spot. That's all. Adieu~
  • Weekly Team Leaderboards Update. 📻 It's time for another team update! There's been so much issues in the game these past weeks (and seems like there still are), but even tho' the team's still doing all they could on maintaining on top. There's really not much hype in the game anymore, so nothing more could be added for…
  • I'm leaving the team ingame. Check on this link for more details.
  • @Joey_YouTube said he'd be mad if you didn't come back. 🤣😅
  • @hanautaBOB @Ashton_Burris Can I ask both of you if you're still willing to join the team? If so, please reply immediately so that I could inform our team leader. 👍
  • End of the Season Announcement! 📻 So many things had happened in this last season, Our 2 teams got placed in the same Leaderboards, Fought a highly competitive team, encountered a lot of game issues(bugs, glitches, etc.), and saw cheaters "Snipe" first place in one night. But despite these issues, our team still finds ways…

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