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Lizly62 Level 2


  • Is there someone who can help please?
  • Hi Nix66, it's me again. I just got a message from my mother in law, she says she has all her levels back on her iphone again! I guess your manager already did the reset. She is sooooo happy! Thanks for all your wonderful help. I wish you all the best! Take care😊
  • Hi Nix66, thanks for your message. We prefer to wait till your manager is back after the weekend. No problem. Will you let me know when she has restored the levels? Thank you again and we wish you a wonderful weekend from us here in the Netherlands 😁
  • Hi Nix66, We are in agreement with that, thank you so very very much! I assume you will let me know when it is resolved? I can't thank you enough for your kindness to help us, and please thank your community manager as well. 🥰
  • Hi "Nix66", You are such a darling to want to help us, thank you so very much🤗 Her Player ID is 1705191509 The level is 2746 I hope this helps you! 😊
  • Hi "Nix66", I was trying the steps you told me but at the level "/ Select Score and progression sync" I didn't dear go further because I suddenly became doubtful: must i do these steps on the iPad (where she still has all the levels but still on the "old" password we don't know anymore(, or do I have to do it on the iphone…
  • Thank you for your help! I will try doing your steps and hope we will get her levels back again! I will let you know if it worked. Thanks!!
  • It's my mother in law's game, she is 84. I help her with computer problems and I reset her password and now she lost all her levels. She says she plays via Facebook, but when we tried to find the levels that way, the Facebook link to candy crush gives an error. Yes she has a candy crush ( account. I reset the…

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