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MannyFae Level 4


  • Hello @Chomwa As Alienscar mentioned, there are many features that come and go. I had this feature for two weeks, and then it was apparently transferred to a different group of players. Super wraps have a greater impact on the board because of their larger blast radius, and the striped and wrapped combination is fantastic.…
  • Fish are not smart or stupid; there are things that fish do and things that they don't do. Fish spawned from bobbers and fish from special candy do different things. Special candy fish target sugar coats, jelly, bubblegum, cakes (even with no jelly underneath), jelly jars. On many levels that have no jelly, like level…
  • Hello @ronnieswift I agree with you that this level is next to impossible without boosters. I tried it without boosters a few times, but only got what seemed like a lucky board once. First, the board gave me an opportunity to make a striped+wrapped combo, which allowed me to unlock and then remove those licorice swirls.…
  • Hi @GiuNic Does your level 1882 look like this? If yes, then you have the old, broken version of level 1882, which was removed from the game. After updating your app, the new version of that level should be available.
    in Level 1882 Comment by MannyFae June 12
  • Hi @petertigger Go to the game's Settings menu (the pink cogwheel on the top right of your map screen), then Accessibility, then toggle Hints off. 
  • You are welcome, @petertigger 🙂
  • Hello @petertigger Settings menu → Accessibility → toggle Hints off:
  • Hello @Pauline27 To pass this level, you need to use the frog. Please check out an excellent post about this level, which I am linking below (click on the green 'View Post' button).
    in Level 6549 Comment by MannyFae June 10
  • Hello @zattygram Your frog is charged. Have you tried clicking on it? There is a longstanding issue with the frog, sometimes it is fully charged but for some reason is not glowing. Despite that, it still works and you CAN move it anywhere you want by clicking on it.
  • I managed to reproduce the bug. I used a fish and wrapped combo, and one of the fishes targeted another fish, turning it into a wrapped candy. I received an error message right after I did this. Previously, fish that were turned into other special candies by a combo still counted towards the order. It appears that this has…
    in Error 8024 Comment by MannyFae June 5
  • Duplicate post.
  • Does your board look like mine @Besch004? If so, to release the dragons you need to to do the following: 1. Remove the skulls. 2. Charge the frog and use it to open one of the licorice shells (usually the left one). 3. Charge the frog again and place it on the red striped candy to clear the marmalade covering the dragons.…
  • I noticed today that the timed color bomb booster from the chocolate box gives me two color bombs instead of one. My candy necklace now only has one color bomb, but I've always had three on the starting board. I also played a friend's level while the timed color bomb was still active, and I got two color bombs on board…
  • A few weeks ago, I encountered the same leaderboard glitch with Gold Club, but restarting the app solved it for me. The gold chocolate box is back from 40 gold to 20 gold, same as yours, @TPS23 I found that as you complete gold boxes in a row, the tasks become increasingly difficult. Golden crowns order went from 10 to 12,…
  • Hi @ChocolateCherry This level is a slightly tweaked version of level 10831. Here are two videos showing how that level was won in 23 and 25 moves, respectively. Good luck!
  • Hello @asawyer12 Go to the game's Settings menu (the pink cogwheel on the top right of your map screen), then Accessibility, then toggle Hints off.
  • Привет. Бустеры хранятся в телефоне, в отличие от золота, которое хранится на серверах игры. Поэтому перенести их на новый телефон нельзя, увы.
  • I don't know what's going on at King. The gold chocolate box now pays out more than the Episode race. It's crazy.
  • The option to use 1 UFO has just turned up 🙂
  • Wow wow. 40 gold and 3 days to complete! I think you are right and my box was still timing down, it had the same task selected before it disappeared. What confused me was the timer being at 23+ hours. That means I might also have this beautiful box 🤩 Thanks @Carol-38 🤩

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