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Solarwave Level 3


  • Great idea...voted.
  • I forgot to mention that the rewards listed are just an example.
  • It could have at least been a recolor....oh well, better luck next time.
  • Why does this idea have announcement title? Did the devs say they were gonna implement this into the game?
  • Then how come I didn't get stickers from the gift boxes when I played the first level? I understand that for some players this costume is considered new. Therefore I'm happy for them.
  • I guess this is the year of repeats? Why are the game devs doing the same Olivia costume as last year? You know they're other spring costumes that some players have missed out on like Jelly Queen spring(She is on the bottom left corner of the start menu) and Odus the Chick. The game devs had an opportunity to add them both…
  • Yes, I saw it. I thought it was very interesting and helpful as well. I wish you were able to make it an idea so I can vote for it.
  • Well, instead of trying to estimate if players are online or not based on what you see. The status says when the team member was last active. Example: " Last active 1 month ago." I also didn't what you to think that leaders like me just removed team members by not being "online" for 1 day. Btw, this post seems like a way…
  • Maybe the tournament could be a set number player completing a race with like 5 or 7 levels each having 3 attempt to complete. If you use all the attempts you must forfeit the race. When you win the first you can win boosters lollipops items and if your lucky some gold bars. Players who are 1st 2nd and 3rd will win rewards…
  • You are correct about the first part of your post. As I stated in my post, example 3 says "when you are playing an event that has a special world, the status of the player will say "playing in event" or just "playing event." I hope that makes more sense.
  • So basically this idea will allow team leaders to see which members of there team is playing. EX: a member of a team who is playing will have a status bar below there name that says "playing level 2579" or "Currently playing lvl 2579." In my post I said "Online" for the status name but I don't think it's specific enough. I…
  • Wellll. Last year, spring jelly queen was on the star menu during spring but we instead got the new Gardener costume for Olivia. I hope this year will be different.
  • I hope The diamond costume is present in this even since it wasn't last year and I was disappointed because I don't have that costume.
  • I agree, this event seems pretty half-butted.
  • @DieOmimi, how come some people are allowed to ask DiamandLim to tag community members for discussions and new ideas they made while others can not?
  • Thank you, and that is alright. I kind of like the collar up but that is my opinion.
  • Pretty disappointing that the new costume doesn't have any rabbit present in on the costume. It would be cool if tiffy wore a bunny hat to really represent the year of the rabbit.
  • I don't see what you're talking about(sadly), I had my phone on Odus for a good 2 minutes and didn't see it. I might know the inconsistency of this costume. If you notice the costume has a collar that is folded down, but the icon (which I am assuming is the same collar on the shirt.)is flared up which is why it looks like…
  • Am confused of what you pointing at. I think your pointing at the necklace?

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