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shelleyscnnei Level 2


  • me too. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
  • I would love to add you! However, I don't have the social thing that i have to have before i can add you. That is my problem lol. Until i get that.....i have no way of adding friends which upsets me lol.
  • I have no way of adding any one...that is the problem. I don't see you on my friends list. Do you see me on yours?
  • Thanks Nix66. Unfortunately there seems to be nothing i can do to have teams. somehow it is not accepting the browser which is google chrome or Edge or king itself which are supposed to be supported. If anyone comes up with a way to get it to accept the browsers or king so i could upgrade it would be so appreciated. If you…
  • I am so very disappointed. I play on microsoft app so i reset and restarted again just like it said. When was going to get in via FB it gave me the same info about my browser - that it isn't approved by FB so i would get a lesser version. So i tried to do it thru King. It wouldn't take my password at first, so i changed…
  • My Chrome browser is updated. The problem is when i logged out of cc soda and then logged in again, it logs in automatically on microsoft Edge browser, even though Chrome is my default. Is Microsoft Edge a supported browser or do you know of a way that i can get it to log back in thru Chrome instead of doing it…
  • I have no social hub or TEAMS. I so want to find a way to get this in my game. Especially TEAMS
  • Can i delete the game i have and dl another one until i get one with social hub?
  • Thanks so much for the reply. I did what you said. In my FB there is no profile and in my microsoft there is no log out but when i hit the setting button there was a power off button. So i used that. Nothing changed :-(. When i first started using the microsoft game i had lots of trouble with not being able to see many…
  • I don't know where to find the friends icon in the sidebar or see where to click to add email address. any idea how long it will take to social hub? I would also love to join team but i don't have that either if i delete game and reinstall will that help me get social hub? Thanks
  • Thanks so much for the reply. I am going to sign up for that. Is there any other way to add friends until i can get that?
  • There was no yellow in my devices. here is a screen shot of my computer. i did what you said and deleted the app. restarted and reinstalled and it is the same issues. I should have enough resources to run this right? I can see everything in gameroom on FB and when playing in FB just not in the many things are…
  • Windows is up to date. I am so very confused. I downloaded FB gameroom to see if Toffee Fair was on there and I noticed i had 102 gold bars. I didn't buy any gold bars. I am so upset i don't know what to do!! Please help me.
  • Freddy is there a way that we can talk on messenger or something? I am not good with computer stuff and really could use the help. Thanks
  • I deleted and downloaded it again and same thing. I usually use Chrome but this downloaded onto Edge and I am not sure how to play it on Chrome. My windows is up to date but i have no idea about graphics driver. it plays just fine on fb. I am so frustrated and have no idea what to do next.
  • so many things i can't see
  • So I downloaded the app from Microsoft onto my desktop, but i can't see most of it. I had not idea what is wrong. Any help would help. Thanks
  • When you say windows 10 app what does that mean? I play on my desktop and i use windows 10. I play on FB.
  • I use windows 10 on my desktop computer. I play this game on FB. Is there a different version of the game? I play on desktop as my phone is too small lol. I am thru over 2,000 levels. I don't want to loose that. Any help would be appreciated!
  • This is still not back. Pitty do you have any idea when it is coming back. I miss it very much. Thanks

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