Level 2253 is very impossible (Fixed)

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Hello Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

Level 2253 is very impossible to us especially it's too tight for linking less charms, 4 colour charms and less moves. I have tried playing this level a lot but it's still failed today. 😢

Don't be worried! I will asking Community Team to check this level first then we will waiting for fixing this level easier. 😉

So who have stucked on this level, this level is still reported to Community Team already. Please don't posted same question (It's Level 2253) on Diamond Diaries Support Community and you can continue commenting on this thread. Thank you! ❤️😊

** Anyway, this level is fixed on 1st July 2021, you can check my comment here! 😉 **

I will tagging Diamond Diaries Players into spoiler (who have playing this game with mobile devices and reached up almost to max level) :

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