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What's hot right now in the Diamond Diaries Saga Community?

💎🏅 Show your longest link chains and Claim these badges here! 👆🔗

💎 Level 3,000 is live! Celebrate with us and download your exclusive wallpaper!

💎New look on Android: give us your feedback, please!

💎Please don't be shy 🤗 Introduce yourself and say hi to the Community!

💎 Do you have any suggestions to improve the game? Share it with us in the Diamond Suggestion Box!

💎 Proud of your skills? Show off your longest charms and sassiest scores!

💎 Vote in our shiny polls! You can find them HERE!

💎 In love with Diamond Diaries? Learn some Fun Facts about the game, only for real fans!

💎 How many levels are there and what's the current latest version in Diamond Diaries Saga right now? You can check HERE!

💎 Don't know how to play in Diamond Diaries Saga?! Features/Events?! Boosters?! Blockers?! Read these expert guides HERE!

💎 An issue in the game? Please check HERE before posting!

💎 Diamond Diaries Saga will no longer be playable on Facebook - read the official announcement and learn more about this!

💎 Why can’t I play Diamond Diaries Saga on iOS 9 and Android 4 anymore? - read the official announcement and learn more about this!

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