Are you having issue with the Diamond Counter in Diamond Diaries?



  • I have completed level 311 in diamond diaries but it won’t advance

    I have completed twice but the game won’t advance to 312. 

  • Ishla_KahrimIshla_Kahrim Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Diamond counter stopped working at level 380. Am now on Level 403 and would like to continue playing. Please fix my diamond counter so I can earn gold bars and continue playing Thank you 

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,709 Superstar

    Hi Ishla, you might want to post your question on this link or see if it has already been addressed:

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  • I also have the problem of not getting any new necklaces anymore.

    The reply that is going around of "you probably have completed all existing necklaces" is really far fetched. How hard can it be to make a simple drawing and reset a counter going to 200/400/600?

    Also, in the early beginnings of the game, at the left, you had a list of "real people" that are competing with you in the same "city". Then it was absolutely no problem of being first or second, and getting 5/3/1 gold bars as a reward.

    But now when the levels are increasingly difficult, all of a sudden, these competitors are completing 20 hard levels in 1 or 2 days? Totally uncredible.

    My thoughts: when they created the game, they want you to start playing and they throw gold barsat you. But then after a while, they realised not enough people are actually buying in-game addons, so they aren't getting enough revenue.

    Just my two cents :)

  • I have been asking for weeks about the diamond counter, or lack thereof, as well as new jewelry pieces. The answer I have received on numerous occasionsis this (not joking) "if you touch the screen as far fromthe next level as you can, it will fix the problem". !? Do they think we're idiots? Or do they just not read the questions we send. When I asked them how in the world would me touching the screen fix the entire portion of the game that is broken? They never reply. I have asked 5x now in new tickets each time and been given the same answer, when I ask a followup question they are silent. 

    This is a really cool game, really loved it, until they just totally flaked. Is it just a way for them to get people spending money and the game really was never meant to work? Do they just have really bad engineers and even worse customer service reps? Obviously with the game broken now for at least a month it must be the case that they don't intend to fix this game or continue with it beyond level 500 which is approximately where the whole diamond aspect of the game disappears. 

    So disappointed in King. I'm also quite disappointed that this question was posed by someone at King and then no follow up, or was that also the intent? 

  • Mine disappeared when I wasin the middle of doing the "mission" and hasn't come backin almost 40 levels so unless the game is designed to stop counting diamonds or assigning "missions", jewelry pieces, then the game isn't working right. Other people on here are talking about being stuck at a certain level, those people are not experiencing the same thing and are also in lower levels. For the most part it seems, according to responses, that somewhere around level 500 the diamond collecting and missions or jewelry pieces just cease to exist. 

  • Marcella_UXMarcella_UX Posts: 5
    edited October 2018

    Hi everyone,

    Really sorry about this, we are still looking into it and I am waiting for updates to give you. I will comment and let you know asap.

    Please rest assure we are not forgetting nor ignoring, we're just trying to find out if there is an issue and if so, what it is. 

    Note that whenever you complete a mission, the diamond counter disappears, hence it might not always be due to technical problem but simply that you have finished the mission. 

    I'm trying to get the best answer to all of you, but since you're all on different levels and playing on different devices, it's pretty hard to identify the reasons. 

    Speak soon and until then, don't forget to have a nice day!


    Queen Mia - there was just an update yesterday for iPhone. I thought maybe this would resolve some issues but honestly, the game got a little slower. I was hoping the diamond counter would be fixed in this update too.A bit of insight with what I experienced - I had the diamond counter disappear before, right around level 280 and then with an update, it came back about level 310 and was fine until about 480 and has never come back since. From 280-310 I had to reset my iPhone because I changed my battery. When I reloaded my backup file to my iPhone the diamond counter was there again. IMO - it seems like it's a cache or memory issue? After that reset everything on my phone was much zippier. Just my .02¢. No diamond counter now for over a 100 games. I'm on 553. Also, around level 490, all my power-ups that I paid for, disappeared. That pissed me off quite a bit... but like a lemming, I keep playing. ;-)
  • I've been asking via the in game help center for weeks and have explained over and over again and have yet to receive a real response. 

    No diamond counter at all. No countingof the diamonds at the end of the games. No completion of jewelry pieces. No new jewelry pieces to start. Since the diamonds are kind of the point of the game it's really no fun without them. I'm at level 514 and haven't had any diamond counter or credit for diamonds earned in weeks. 

    I don't understand how suddenly the whole diamond aspect disappeared but that is the case. 

    I play on a galaxy s7. I don't get errors or freezing, just suddenly the diamonds are no longer a part of the game. 

    I don't think a screenshot would help since there's nothing to show, there's just no diamond counter, no adding up of diamonds, no mention of the jewelry or new jewelry pieces to start. I've earned approximately 1500 diamonds since the whole thing started but since it's not counting them there's nothing to show. 

    Game isn't fun anymore without the main part of the game working. 

    Very disappointed. 

    I completely agree. Without being able to collect diamonds, what is the point? Also some of the levels are impossible. Game is disappointing.
  • This is the third time that this happened to me.  The first time all the diamonds eventually showed up with the corresponding jewelry.  The second time, a new piece of jewelry finally came but not the diamonds that were backlogged.  Now, I have neither a new piece of jewelry nor the diamonds and there must be dozens, if not hundreds, that I have collected but not received.  

  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,556 Community Moderator

    Hi Terri!

    A few things in case the issues may come from that: You will collect Diamonds only from new levels. The counter will disappear if you have collected all available Diamonds already. If you've run out of Jewelries and Diamonds, you've collected all available ones but rest assured our Developers are working on new ones. 

    If that's not the reason why you're having an issue, you might have an actual technical issue with your game. For that I recommend checking out these steps and trying them out:

    I hope that helps :) 

    Jelly Jenny 

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  • Jaz_KerryJaz_Kerry Posts: 10

    just wanted to add again stuck at level 580 as no new levels have been developed, perhaps in future issues like diamond limits and level limits awaiting development should be resolved before a game is launched! Constantly having to wait for developers to catch up is ridiculous

  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,556 Community Moderator

    just wanted to add again stuck at level 580 as no new levels have been developed, perhaps in future issues like diamond limits and level limits awaiting development should be resolved before a game is launched! Constantly having to wait for developers to catch up is ridiculous

    Hi Jaz! New levels are released on mobile already so it shouldn't be too much more time to wait if you're in Facebook. And by the way- you can already take a little sneak peek at the new episode and read the game studio's thoughts about the new levels. For that head over here---->

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  • Hi everyone,

    Just a reminder that if you don't see the Diamond Counter anymore, it might also be because you have already completed all the available Necklaces.

    However, there seems to be some issues with it as well, and our developers are still busy investigating and trying to understand if your case is normal behaviour or not. 

    Please make sure that it is not because you haven't completed the mission and if not, give us as much details as possible.

    Thanks very much for all your help and patience.


    I no longer get the counter - not sure when it happened, but I am now at level 509. I also have issues with the game screen not moving - meaning I cannot even see what area I am supposed to be working in. Happened ~6 times today on level 509 - on iPad and on iMac. Agree also with the person stating that some people go through all 20 levels in about a day. Supposedly started level 501 at the same time as others and they are done one day later? Getting extremely frustrated with this game.....
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