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cande02ca Level 2


  • hi , I was on a roll and then I get to level 12297, I had 12 moves left and waiting and waiting for the last cherry to appear …. Went through all my moves and then added 5 extra , still nothing. Now I lost all my bonuses and literally impossible to pass. How can the last cherry take upward of 17 moves to appear ?? Absolute…
  • Hi there. I’m sorry I don’t know how to navigate this site very well and am not sure I’m posting in the right place. I saw a post that the chocolate box error has been fixed but mine is still the same error, I have the latest update as of October 29. Also candy crush is making my phone run hot and then crashing just as I’m…
  • Hi there. I’m still having the error issue. Have app version thanks
  • @"Jelly Jenny". Thank you, appreciate that. :) 
  • @"Jelly Jenny". Hi, thanks for responding. My user id is 3850653791
  • hi all. I had an issue where I came in top three in the race on the left side and the claim button didn’t work and then went away and I didn’t get my bars. And what’s with not being able to ask the admin of the game direct... and also now you only get timed boosters from the candy generator that are absolutely useless…

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