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flegs Level 2


  • Once again there seems to be glitches with the chocolate box I’ve filled the requests but no prizes. My fiance hasn’t had a functioning chocolate box for months. When try to claim the box I get this
  • I hope not. I did replay the level as well but it didn’t update it. I reinstalled the game to see if it would help and voila. Thanks for the help
    in Badge/honour Comment by flegs January 18
  • I’ve deleted the game and reinstalled it. Now showing 13000. Thanks
    in Badge/honour Comment by flegs January 18
  • Sorry I should have said yes I’ve done that but no joy. I’m still showing 8000. I get the achievement cartoons (you’ve now achieved 11000 or 13000 but no banner update.
    in Badge/honour Comment by flegs January 18
  • Well that’s not overly helpful - when I get to the next banner level it flashes with the little cartoon saying how amazing my achievement is but leaves the banner at 8000. Thanks.
    in Badge/honour Comment by flegs January 15
  • There’s something very weird going on with the lives nothing there are a few technical hitches lately. Chocolate box is stuck the lives are disappearing. I’ve raised the chocolate box issue before and nothing. I’ve deleted the game so many times and downloaded it again. No change. This is a huge money pot for King it’s…
    in Lives Comment by flegs October 2023
  • Why is the lives menu changing or failing. I send and ask for lives. I’m on level 13000 something or other and I send loads of lives. The counter says I’ve received them but when I bank them my banked total never increases. In fact just out the option to send lives to your top ten back. Stop changing things for no good…
  • This is one of the worst changes ever. Plus there is clearly a glitch as I never get the lives I am being sent. I constantly request lives and open my mail every time I play to see if I have a collection of new lives to bank only to send lives to everyone else. Something is wrong.
  • You’re right feedback is only important if they read it. Basically they’re on a money making mission to get people to buy gold bars. Sure offer 300 free loves (and get through in five!!) but you have to buy the moves unless you’re the first in the race. it’s shoddy that they change what we like without input and add things…
  • I can’t stand Candy royale. I’m on 13162 and I can’t even get through one level as they’re now virtually impossible. I don’t care for the sun game but I do care that I’m forced into playing as there is no opt out function. I won’t buy gold bars so just treat us with some respect and give us what we want not what we don’t…
  • No. It’s horrible. Worse is that it’s got a glitch on my game. The only option is a free hand switch. I’ve achieved they and the game is stuck. I’ve deleted and downloaded the game again and still rubbish. Firstly stop changing things unnecessarily (same with Candy royale zzzzz give us the option to opt OUT).
  • Rubbish sub game. Get rid.
  • Mine is too but only candy crush and I’ve deleted the app several times to no good effect.
  • Candy royale is NOT a way to get extra bars you have to clear six or seven levels for a share of 500 coins which means you end up with about 15 IF you win. It’s insulting not to be given the option to opt out and I’m just as irritated as Christine that they do force it on you. Quite irritating. It’s of course to force you…
  • So similar to many levels. Im on 13151 ish and each level is virtually impossible now forcing players to buy gold bars. I don’t need 175 extra moves !!
    in 5657 Comment by flegs September 2023
  • Im still waiting for either feedback or support as the chocolate box is still stuck despite several hand switches
  • It’s an insult to those players who won’t be conned into playing when the reward is paltry. To win it encourages you to spend gold bars to get through ergo buy them. Shoddy
  • Awful sub game. Time for King to listen and remove the lack of choice
  • there WAS an option to do that but it has been removed a long time ago - you now have zero option other than to hit the accept or go button.
  • The chocolate box (on mine) is stuck on a free hand switch (which I've fulfilled). There are no other options despite three choices (all being free hand switch). I've completed the request and I'm stuck. I hate the new chocolate box, I don't know why King have to change things unnecessarily. If it aint broke don't fix it…

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