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haku Level 2


  • I contacted support and I keep getting back this automated email which is completely unhelpful. This is very sad. The only thing I could do now is uninstall the app and lose all my boosters and HOPE that when I reinstall level 138 will work. I have a feeling it won't and then I lost my boosters for nothing.
  • Is there a way players can contact tech support directly? Like to open a ticket for a problem?
  • If you're stuck on this level please reply here as I'm trying to see how many players are affected by this. @Diamond Lim Pls don't reply on this thread with your very long post with all the million links in it. Thanks
  • Still nothing. Not sure why it takes so long to fix a level 😕
  • @Diamond Lim my user id is 12922943479. I cannot play anymore because this level is broken!
  • I keep checking every day and the level isn't fixed yet. Really hope they fix this soon as there's no way to keep playing right now 😭😭😭
  • There is a technical problem with this level and I'm not the only player saying this so I know it's not my particular game. It's unbeatable and there's no way to pass this level. The screen actually never floats to the top to show the necklace so you can't even see what you're doing. I really really like this game and wish…
  • I'm going nuts here guys! I have a recording of this silly level but can't upload it here and it's only level 138! It doesn't matter how much I keep blasting away all I get is more charms and birds! I can't seem to get more than two diamonds to the necklace because I don't get any more diamonds ever! Am I missing something…
  • yes I have the latest version and yes I've logged out closed it down, went back in logged back in and it's still the same problem. No I will not completely reinstall the whole thing and lose all my boosters. Especially when I see that I'm not the only player who has this same problem with this same level. This is a tech…
  • Hi therei I just saw a review from another player on Google play that also said he's stuck on 138. There is a major problem we this level and it needs to be fixed right away by the tech team. This level is unbeatable and me and other players can't play the game anymore! 😓

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