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1-2-3 Grow your "Special Cropsie" -- Collect our "Special" Badge

PummyRaj Posts: 18,979 Farm Moderator
edited October 4 in Discussions

Hello Farmers 👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾

The most awaited moment is here and we have a special 1-2-3 Cropsie available in the game -- the Dragon Fruit!!

As I have promised, we are bringing in a special badge to celebrate the accomplishment of growing this Dragon Fruit Cropsie🏅 🏅

So, how do you collect the badge? Simple!! Post your screenshot of your completed cropsie and you will achieve the badge at the end of the event.

Want to take a look at the badge? Here you go 😍

Since I have already announced that 10 of our Farmers will be receiving 10 GB after the event ends, we will keep that reward too! So, it is a Bonus for 10 randomly picked farmers 🤩

This special cropsie will stay in our games till Sunday late night / Monday early hours (depending on the local time zone)!

Come on, Farmers! Let's hurry to give her lot of Sun and Water and grow the cutie ❤️

NOTE: No "OLD" Screenshots please!!

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