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💫 🎄Farm Pass - Holiday Season is here!

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Welcome to the new Holiday Season, Farmers!

New events and many rewards are to be won in the new season.

🎯 How to Play!

Beat any new levels

Score Points

Earn Rewards

⏳ Duration!

The event ends on the 1st of January, 2023!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about the event.

Is it fun and challenging?

Do you understand how the challenge works?

Is it too easy, too complicated, or does it have the right balance between fun and challenge?

Comment below so we can make all future events even more awesome 😉

Note! I don't have the event!

Find more info HERE!

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💫 🎄Farm Pass - Holiday Season is here! 57 votes

It's Awesome and I love the season theme
Maja_NikolicMarcemarce22SabrinaMLala_OgayarbearwithmeencantesMiladyRLa LeylynnetteSMelbennettsweetshop_35rebelchildCassDRedaZayedMoh1977cash2002pepikgordan10Racoon7lerein 42 votes
It is fun, but challenging for me
Sparky_2_2BQN537 2 votes
This is not my type of event because... (please let us know why)
It has Farm-tastic rewards
MollySdeblgJose65_619841107kontxi2 5 votes
I don't have the event
lisandyeinduplox3krissixmerilymimibrandikosto73Lala1999bevofan 8 votes


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