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Would You Rather Play on a Team or Alone?



  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 9,794 Legend
    Doesn't matter

    Thanks for tagging me @encantes

    @QueenB The vote is not easy to answer. Thank you for the survey.

    Basically, I'm a team player when it's a good team and everyone makes their contribution. In Farm Heroes I now have a team where everyone collects many points/honeypots. In other games I have custom teams, in which everyone also gives his best. When it's team games in the community (so far in soda) we've all been good team players. Even if we weren't with the medal lists, I would always play with this one.

    But when I'm in a team where I perform on my own, it's not fun. In some random teams, even some block my progress. Then I prefer to play alone.

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    I play the following games:

    • Candy Crush Saga, Level 8.845
    • Candy Crush Soda Saga, Level 6.310
    • Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Level 4.465
    • Farm Heroes Saga, Level 3.550
    • Blossom Blast Saga, Level 2.000
    • Pyramid Solitaire Saga, Level 2.900
    • Papa Pear Saga, Level 340
    • Candy Crush Friends Saga, Level 1.120
    • Bubble Witch 3, Level 390
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  • crippso69crippso69 Posts: 145 Level 3

    A good team can encourage you to play a little more 👍🏻🤩

  • CiandycaneCiandycane Posts: 13 Level 2

    I prefer team work. I think working as a team, you can accomplish so much more, than you can alone. I love having team members that can help me to achieve gifts, and reach my goals faster than I could on my own.

  • Doris_KochDoris_Koch Posts: 84 Level 3
    edited January 22

    Hello @QueenB

    Sorry, I marked the wrong one.....🙄

    I like to play alone and in a team. I prefer both possibilities.

    @encantes thanks for tagging

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Legend

    Currently we only have two options in regards to our Honey Pot teams. The first option is to play offline so you don't get placed in a team. The other option is to connect to the internet whilst you are not playing a level. Then you are automatically placed in a team whether you like it or not. I have now probably been in ten different random teams. Generally, I wind up collecting at least 80% of the pots. In that case, I may as well be playing on my own. A couple of times I have had a team where most of the players have contributed, meaning that I only needed about 160 - 180 pots to get Queen Bee flying in the next round. On both occasions, they all dropped out after about five rounds.

    So I would prefer that you "opt in" to the Honey Pot challenge. That way you have a better chance of having an active team that contributes on a regular basis, but we would also need the option of removing an inactive player.

  • EggcrackerEggcracker Posts: 246 Level 3

    I really can't see the benefit of playing in a team, I've won the Honey Harvest a couple of times, and find the bee being with me an irritation. I ask for lives from members, but just get the very occasional response of one life sent back.

    Usually there are only a couple of us getting points, I'm not even sure some of the team members are still playing as they don't even get one point on the board.

    I'm not sure if it makes a difference that I play on a laptop, my phone screen is far too small for me to play on.

    Sorry to sound grouchy, but you did ask 😉

  • CiandycaneCiandycane Posts: 13 Level 2

    I enjoy playing on a team I like the help of teammate so for me it's very helpful

  • anneliekarlanneliekarl Posts: 3 Newbie

    I rater play in a team,becuse it is funnier and the points reach 400 quickly.

  • teresawallace44teresawallace44 Posts: 2,357 Pyramid Moderator
    Doesn't matter

    Hi @QueenB

    It really doesn’t matter to me. Sometimes it’s better to play individually and sometimes it’s better to play as a team. 👍🤗

    Thanks for the tag @encantes 💕

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

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  • BubbleGumSodaBubbleGumSoda Posts: 1,919 Legend
    Doesn't matter

    I think it doesn't matter if you are alone or with a team the only thing is to have fun


    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

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  • EggcrackerEggcracker Posts: 246 Level 3

    What a wonderful idea, 'opt-in', I'd definitely go for that. At least it would mean active players.

    Rancid, you are a genius 😊

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 13,502 Farm Moderator

    I am the solo player. I am the person who plays on PlayStation and doesn't play certain levels or games because they demand teamwork lol.

    I find with games with teams in it can be a good idea BUT only if you can choose your team mates. Too many games have people that either don't have time or lose interest when it gets hard and it's really frustrating to end up in a team and you are the only active one.

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