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  • jms-2
    jms-2 Posts: 19 Level 2

    Rewards are very important; so are magic beans, and so of courses are gold bars. I'm finding that since you made all the recent changes, this has become the most expensive game. :( I try not to buy anything, but regrettably the levels are so difficult it's almost impossible to complete a level without purchasing something. And sometimes in the middle of the purchase, the game freezes and I've lost my items. It's also a shame collecting animals for extra rewards was removed--it was a fun dimension to the game, and a fabulous way for us to earn extra shovels and whatever else.

  • DAllison
    DAllison Posts: 9 Level 2

    I think since they changed the game it’s just so much harder and doesn’t make it fun. So hard to get lives from friends and other challenges are so hard I find I don’t do them. I also would like to bring back the collecting of animals. I only play now for something to do

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,458 Level 5

    G'Day Studio Team,

    Rewards mmm, I'm thinking lol

    The Daily Gift Boxes: I love the new look of them in my game but when they open the ribbons are missing on the bottom of the box. Important to game play? No not really lol That's just more about the ascetics for me lol Brutally small issue :0) These are great but could do with some tweaking. In saying that though, we're lucky to have them at all.

    Side Games: Some of them are great, however some of the harder ones don't seem to reflect this in the rewards. Although, the fact that we get separate lives to complete these, actually does feel like a bonus in itself :0)

    Beans: These are essential to game play really and it's great to achieve them in side games. There must be a way to place more opportunities to gain them within the game? Maybe a weekly spin, with different amounts of them on the wheel? I'm not trying to be greedy with this one. Besides the Honey Harvest, it does feel like I'm playing solo, which is fine but then, without contributing Lives Teams, more opportunities for beans, would counter act that..

    This is the best managed game in King and is constantly evolving and interesting, so the fact that you give opportunities to reply like this is great. Thanks!!!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    Beans is an interesting topic. There are those who use as many as they get. Then there is one particular Superstar who has six million of them. getting the balance here is nigh on impossible.

  • encantes
    encantes Posts: 4,492 Farm Moderator

    Hi @channie8 🙂😉

    Many thanks for your thoughts!! I like your involvement in the Community 🍏🍓🥕🌞

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 18,646 Pet Rescue Moderator

    That would be me!

    I am not the highest either but I will let you into a secret. There is no balance issues. Its not about some players have it better than others its about old ways of doing things and A LOT of time spent. I worked very hard for a lot of those beans.

    Once upon a time in 2013 Farm Heroes joined Facebook . ..you got beans EVERY SINGLE TIME you completed a level. Not just the first time you got 3 stars. So I bribed one of the children with match attax cards to replay early easy levels to get 3 Stars every time. When he didn't want to, I played (it was also cheaper haha) . Usually level 5. Then that stopped and changed to one time passing, but no matter I had built up a few.

    It was the days before privacy laws were obeyed and there were social media scandals and things were a lot easier. Adverts on Facebook were not a thing neither were all the stupid sponsored posts so you actually saw posts that your friends shared and gaming posts.

    In those days you could share a post everytime you passed a level and when your friends clicked on it, they got 500 beans. Many players were on Facebook so there were a lot of posts. But then Facebook updated and decided that was stopping.

    Everytime you clicked a notification for farm, it would open up your empty request box and would fill it with all the requests that had been sat in cyber space, running into thousands of beans and you could collect them until you had got them all.

    Then Facebook turned off that feature and limited them to 50 notifications. So no more gathering that way. So you would send out a few life requests before you closed down for a few hours and when you came back beans were waiting. But then it was realised that social media was a little lighter than it should be on their privacy and they changed. Before long many Facebook players had issues with getting requests. It was something that King had no control over so it was sporadic. Sometimes you got a lot then you didn't.

    In between all that, did you realise companions hadn't always been a thing? In the early days you could pass 15 levels in a matter of an hour. With no boosters. Then companions came and all levels got harder. Many players don't realise you can switch them off.

    And that @Rancid is where my beans came from. I have over 800 friends on Facebook, many of those are avid players.

    You also forgot how on Facebook we used to have a months worth of rewards, most of them beans.

    Yes the beans system needs to change because between Facebook losing requests and the html changes, there are not so many to be had these days. I come onto very few requests now every time I log on. If I have 150 its a good day. Unfortunately I can rarely get lives these days so I end up spending gold on them.

    Also I barely ever use companions. I do not use them on Rancid. The only thing I use them for is shovels and I play as many levels as I can without using shovels even. So is it any wonder that I have a lot????

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    Well that explains that. One of the reasons I started a new game is to complete it without using any companions (so far so good) to see if I could get anywhere near your total. Just one thing you mentioned:

    "You also forgot how on Facebook we used to have a months worth of rewards, most of them beans."

    I don't have FB and never have, so I have no idea on how it works. Just because most of the world does, doesn't mean I will follow a bad lead.

  • Grachuh
    Grachuh Posts: 47 Level 2

    Aunque participe en la comunidad HACE MESES que me dice ESTAS A 45 comentarios del Nivel 3.

    QUE PASA?????

    Even if I participated in the community MONTHS AGO, it tells me THESE ARE 45 comments from Level 3.

    WHAT'S UP?????😡

  • lone_wolf323
    lone_wolf323 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Rewards are ok. Needs to be reworked. If I save some of say the triple tractor. I want to use it on stages I want rather than be forced to have to use it on the next stage I play. Unlimited lives needs to be reworked aswell seeing as when i finally get one of those rewards I am forced to have it wasted rather than use it when I would like. The shovels. Love them. hate getting them from choochoo or anything else when I used them all to buy 3 more. Ya get one. then ya cant buy the remaining ones.

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