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🕹 Skip Hero Mode - New feature!



  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4

    OK, so I've played a few levels with this. And it does work okay, and I can see how it might be useful, but...

    I hate the way it's done. You are essential checking YES to Mean NO. It is confusing to me, and every time I have to pause and think before I select an option. Almost always, when you see a red X it mean to cancel what you are doing, not to cancel canceling what you wish to cancel, or to cancel skipping what you Do want to play. Maybe it's just me, and maybre this is a controversial opinion, but I just hate this kind of consusion inducing interface. Wouldn't it be more clear like this? anyway, that's my take on this.

  • Eggcracker
    Eggcracker Posts: 272 Level 3

    Re. Skip Hero Mode

    I've read everything in previous posts, and I'm still baffled as to what the benefits are 🤔

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4

    Mainly, I suppose it's a time saver, if your in a race situation, where you need to finish as many levels as possible and don't really care about the score. A purely hypothetical example is if there were, oh I don't know, a Grand Finale Challenge set on a level you haven't reached, and you still want to participate, so you try to make thatelusive far away level.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 35,923 Friends Moderator

    @QueenB I checked for updates to my game and did them. I was hoping to see the new feature in my game. Unfortunately, I am not in the test group. That's why I can't report anything about the new feature.

    As I have seen with @siti_payung, points are counted further, but not the fruits. That's why I would have to think carefully about whether I just want to finish a level quickly to save time. For a competition where the number of harvests counts, I would certainly not use the function.

    Tganks for tagging me @PummyRaj

  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 15,304 Level 5

    @QueenB I do not have this feature but I would love to have the option to skip the hero points if I don't need them

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4
    edited August 2021

    Just noticed, although the "skip Hero Mode" dialogue pops up, you don't have to actually click on it, you can just play the game and ignore if you don't want to skip. Or you can play some and then skip if you get bored. So that's cool. 😀

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 18,444 Level 5

    Hi @QueenB and @PummyRaj

    I have this feature on my Android, but I like to use Hero Mode to try to improve my score myself. If I had a lot of moves left, I might use it, but I never normally have more than three.

  • salymeso
    salymeso Posts: 3 Newbie

    I wouldn’t skip this 😅

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,079 Level 4

    One last note... When you go into Hero Mode, and the dialogue pops up, it covers your boosters (at least on the PC version) so, you do have to click on Cancel to Skip Skipping Hero Mode (double Negative anyone) so you can use your boosters. Or if, I don

    t't know, you were playing a challenge and needed to take a screenshot showing your boosters. Sigh. I'm back to hating this. 😝

  • Grumpy_Old_Man
    Grumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    It also covers the boosters on Android. It also gives "worst case scenario" as far as giving out points is concerned. Most times I only get 1000 points for each remaining move.

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