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(ENDED)💰💰Try to Collect the Farmtastic Turnip and win Gold 💰💰

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Howdy Farmers 👩‍🌾🧑‍🌾

It's time of Bountiful Season and we really love ❤️ the new and cute Turnip Cropsies 😍

Would you like to collect those Turnip Cropsies OR Onion Cropsies across the Farm and win Farmtastic prizes?  

Task and Rules 📜

You have to collect the highest number of Turnips or Onions

You are not allowed to post the screenshot of your high score from the Farm Tournament;

NO old screenshots are allowed;

You must play the level after the contest is posted;

You can post only 1 screenshot 

You can play only from level 100 and above 

Don’t forget to sign your screenshot (so that it won’t be borrowed).

Rewards 💰

10 Players will be reward with Gold Bars + 3 Tractors

🥇1st Best Score: 40 GB + 3 Tractors

🥈2nd Best Score: 35 GB + 3 Tractors

🥉3rd Best Score: 30 GB + 3 Tractors

🏆4th Best Score: 20 GB + 3 Tractors

🏆5th Best Score: 15 GB + 3 Tractors

🏆6th Best Score: 10 GB + 3 Tractors

🏆from 7th to 10th Best Score: 3 Tractors

Duration ⏳

This contest will end on 20th January 2023 at 18:00 CEST

Other Timings: 12:00 pm EST (USA) & 17:00 GMT (UK)

Terms and Conditions here.

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Good Luck to everyone 😉😉😊😊



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