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Missing PowerUps

Irenejd Posts: 56 Level 3

Today I hopped on to Farm Heroes Saga. Most of my PowerUps were gone. I had saved a bundle, and one of them had gotten to over 100, many were more than 50. Now I am down to 5 or less for them. I want them back please.

Also, a few weeks ago I was having issues with my gold bar count. Suddenly, it all reappeared and became correct. Not the number of bars, but the number of times I had purchased, that little tag in the upper right corner of the piggy bank badge. Now, it's back to 1. Does this have something to do with it? This happened before and nothing was restored. I worked hard to accumulate all these and I would like them returned please. Or tell me what to do so I can see them again. Now all I get is those dreadful displays on how to play the game. I think I know how. I've been doing it for, what, 8 years??

Thank you!



  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 26,332 Candy Moderator

    Hi IreneπŸ€— Welcome Back to the Community, dear!

    I wish you a very Happy Women's DayπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

    1) The lost boosters - Is it on your Computer or on mobile device, Irene?

    • If it is on mobile device, did it happen after you installed the latest update?
    • If it is on your computer, some players are experiencing this glitch also for no particular reason!! When we asked last time, the game Studio was still investigating about it.

    2) Piggy Bank --> I remember the issue you had last time with the Piggy Bank on your Facebook game! Now, is it happening again on Facebook browser version OR on mobile device?

    3) Tutorials --> It is not you or something you did to receive these tutorials. When playing the game on Facebook browser version, the tutorials are popping up, and we are not sure why they appear suddenly😢😢

    If you have cleared the cookies, etc., that would be one of the reasons as some setting makes the game think that we are new to the game!! These will go away after you play the game for few times (and, yes! Unfortunately, you will have to bear them for few days)πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    Talk soon. Have a great Women's Day🌻🌻🌻

  • Irenejd
    Irenejd Posts: 56 Level 3

    Hello, Pummy! Good to hear from you again! I hope you are doing well and enjoyed Women's Day too. I went to lunch with a very good friend and she and I enjoyed the sunshine. It has been a little chilly here of late.

    1) It is on my Windows computer in my Chrome browser. Thank you for asking the Game Studio and I am glad they are working on it.

    2) I am pleased you are remembering me! (I think....πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜) Yes. It is in Facebook browser,

    3) Oh, that is a good name for them. I did not know what to call those little tips. I think this also happened a while ago. It was the last time I lost my power ups but at that time, no one knew what the problem was and I did not do a good job of following up with you, Pummy.

    I have not cleared my cookies in a long while. There should be some very old and stale ones tucked away in the deeps of my PC. I can be patient (altho my husband disagrees sometimes!)

    Thank you for getting back to me. I will look forward to some news.


  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 26,332 Candy Moderator
    edited March 9

    Hello dear IreneπŸ€—

    I am glad to hear that you went to lunch with your friend and enjoyed the sunny day😍

    It is still too chilly in Michigan, but we are having very bright days though🌞🌞

    Of course, I remember youπŸ’œ and the long conversation we had last time with the Piggy Bank issue and purchase issue!

    Piggy Bank issue on Chrome browser --> I know that the Studio was investigating about your Piggy Bank issue too. Let me ask our Farm In-charge if the Studio found anything.

    But, please make purchases only on your mobile device, but not on Chrome Browser till this "digit" issue clears up.

    Tutorials --> Yes, you are right! These pop-ups appear for no specific reason!! Other than clearing Cache, I noticed that they appear - when I "update" my browser, when I do not play the game for a while on my laptop, also when I change my device. If none of these are the reasons, I would suggest you to ignore them for few days, and they will go away. (Does your hubby too play FHS?).

    And, definitely! I will get back to you as soon as I have any newsπŸ‘οΈ

  • Irenejd
    Irenejd Posts: 56 Level 3

    Hello, Pummy!

    I hope your weather is better than ours today. Sunny Arizona is very gray and cold and damp. I guess it's all relative tho, huh?? We are a little warmer at 60 than you are now. And no snow....LOL!!!

    I was wondering if you had any news about my missing power-ups from your Studio guys? Some days I need a ton!


  • FarmerB
    FarmerB Posts: 407 Level 3

    This just happened to me on my Computer πŸ₯Ί Microsoft Edge browser.

    I had some boosters saved up and was trying to accumulate enough of them to beat a Super Hard Level. Now they're gone 😭

  • Irenejd
    Irenejd Posts: 56 Level 3

    Oh, bummer! I'm glad you posted tho as it can help them to find the issue. I'm going to start taking pictures when I accumulate a lot. I don't think it's fair that we should work so hard to get them and then lose them. I'm hoping they can give them back to me. And you too! Register it as an issue!

  • Iamretired11
    Iamretired11 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Yes It Happened To Me Also Two Days Ago On My Computer..I Had Around 30 And I Want Them Back It's Not An Isolated Issue So Fix The Problem

  • Irenejd
    Irenejd Posts: 56 Level 3

    Bummer for you too! Be sure to report it. The more they know that it's happening, the more likely they are to realize it's not just an isolated incident. I think Pummy said they were aware of it. This happened to me a couple of years ago. It it really irritating to lose all those you had and I had a bundle!! The higher in the levels I get, the more I need them. I'd really like mine back please.

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 22,714 Pet Rescue Moderator
    edited March 23

    Hi @Irenejd sorry I am not Pummy, but the studio are aware of it and it only seems to happen on Facebook @FarmerB Unfortunately they have a list of things to work on and its not happening to all players so we don't know when it will be fixed.

    Irene, you are of course welcome to email player support to see if they will replace some of your missing boosters, but unfortunately its Kings policy generally not to unless purchased. They can only say yes or no though so its worth asking.

    @FarmerB if you have a windows 10 computer, I highly recommend that you download the w10 farm app, you can pin it to your taskbar so its handy to find. Log in through Facebook if that's how you log in, progress, gold and beans will be transferred over and you might also gain access to events that you won't on Facebook. It also works a lot quicker πŸ€—

    I will also tag @PummyRaj as I didn't realise until I read up that she had already been in contact, I just caught the bottom edge of the thread lol. I do highly recommend the w10 app though!

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 22,714 Pet Rescue Moderator

    Hi again πŸ‘‹ I will also give you the contact link so you can ask player support if they will replace some of them. I cannot remember if I gave you it the other day. As I explained its not isolated but not happening to everyone 😬

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