Farm heroes saga level 2112 too hard with normal boosters provided

Lin_Chia-enLin_Chia-en Posts: 20 New Bee
 Even with the extra 3 moves of the winning streak, with the boosters saved, and with some gold bars from the treasure mill, the goal of this level is simply too hard to accomplish. 9 alligator babies with all contaminated fruits. Please check this level.


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 7,566 Superstar
    edited January 2019
    Hello @Lin_Chia-en and @Clara_Bijvoet!

    A very warm welcome to the "New" King Community :)  Over here, your fellow players can help out / suggest others with some of the Questions.

    I am not too far from you and have passed this level recently.  But, I have no idea how I was able to do it!!  I just went back to the level checked it right now and tried more than few times.  I think the trickiest part is the "Fire Flies", then the "Slimy Patch" and then the "frozen eggs"!! 

    Probably the King team will be able to change the level a bit... hope the Farm Heroes Community Manager can do something about it!  Requests for changes would be --
    (1) Decrease the number of Alligators to be collected;
    (2) Take off the Eggs with Green part below them (as this requires 3 steps to gain a baby alligator from them);
    (3) Take off the Slimy Blocks;
    (4) Take off the "Iced Blocks" -- When there is matching "Egg" a bit above to the bottom line, it is not being possible to match that Egg with the ones in Iced row.  Some moves are being consumed.  OR we use the Shovel boosters, we won't have any for later to crack the eggs.  

    ** Hope this makes sense!!  These are only suggestions... it is completely up to the King to decide.  Because it might NOT be possible to make changes!!!

    Hoping for the best & have a nice day/evening!

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  • Clara_BijvoetClara_Bijvoet Posts: 109 Level 3
    For more then a week ago the amounts were different and lower. 3 alligators and 50 suns and prunes. Still hard, but not impossible. 
  • JulsaganJulsagan Posts: 4 New Bee
    I agree with the above. I watched a YouTube video on how to manage, but there were only 2 baby alligators in that video!
    i will not be able to make this level now. I have used all my extra resources and not even got close. I am afraid that this may be my last level in FH :(
  • Clara_BijvoetClara_Bijvoet Posts: 109 Level 3
    Yes, maybe they change it, the way it was...
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 10,565 Superstar
    @Clara_Bijvoet did the game become easier after it was released then change back to harder, or was it easier to start with?
    Sometimes on release the levels are too easy or hard, so the studio will tweak them accordingly listening to player feedback. Then sometimes they seem to change become easier, but go back to being hard, they usually change back, sometimes its just an error :) 

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  • Clara_BijvoetClara_Bijvoet Posts: 109 Level 3
    it changed back to normal!  Now it was quit easy ( cost me 5 times:) , because i could use the booster of 5 extra moves:) and 3 shovels.....solved:) 
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