(Unsupported Language) Será que acontece o mesmo com voces ?

quitolasquitolas Posts: 8
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Sometimes I'm forever waiting for the game to open and when it opens it says that I have no lives at all, when I'm about 24 hours without playing ... what a big bug ... also happens to you?


  • Mainewil_PeetraMainewil_Peetra Posts: 129 ✭✭✭
    Noups, but  Closing and reloading the app will probably work as solution.

    Sometimes all elements aren't written into the gaming screen upon start.
    That usually is because of connectivity errors (you or king servers) but can also happen when you are running out of physical space on your choice of device. I am sure there are more reasons, FB probably knows about them if it happens while connected to(or not) 

  • quitolasquitolas Posts: 8
    yes, thank you very much, I have reloaded and the problem is solved
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