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christyholcombe Pro Player 👑


  • christyholcombe
    Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    April 21
  • christyholcombe
    christyholcombe and LucieQ were promoted to Pro Player.
    Hi Pro!

    Are you ready for some good news?

    Congratulations! YOU are among the Pro Players in our games! A Pro Player is one of King’s world-wide best players. Pro Players play more, they are on higher levels and/or they have been around for the longest time.

    What does that mean for you in the Community now?

    It means that…
    - Your new rank will be shown in your profile: Pro Player 👑! Everybody will see that you’re one of the most engaged players in our games
    - You’ll receive an exclusive badge to show off
    You might receive some kingstastic surprises throughout the year - stay tuned!

    We’re honored to have you in the Community and we look forward to seeing you around!
    April 20
    • Rusty_Johnson

      Thank you for having me

    • LucieQ

      Glad to be part of the community!

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